WATCH: Australian Batsman Gets Dismissed In The Most Bizarre Possible Manner

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Australian batsman Hilton Cartwright got out in an unfortunate manner after his shot hit the helmet of Nick Larkin and ballooned in the air before the bowler completed a simple catch

Written By Narayan R | Mumbai | Updated On:

There is a very famous saying -- Cricket is a funny sport. While the action with the bat, ball and in the field enthralls many, there are more than countable incidents which make the fans laugh. 

In the Sheffield Shield fixture between Western Australia and New South Wales, a hilarious yet unfortunate, bizarre incident took place.

Australian batsman Hilton Cartwright was looking circumspect at the crease, having merely scored 3 runs of 45 balls. In an effort to up the ante, he decided to go for a big shot of a half-tracker bowled by Jason Sangha.

He timed the ball beautifully, but to his bad luck, the ball struck Nick Larkin - standing at short leg - and ballooned in the air, before the bowler completed a simple catch.

Some of the Twitter users were left confused as to how the dismissal was allowed to stand.

There were others who found the incident funnier than bizarre of unfortunate.

Prior to 2017, a catch completed after the ball hit the helmet or grill of the helmet wouldn't have stood. But in the aftermath of Phil Hughes' unfortunate death, rules were tweaked. 

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