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World Cup: Here's What Happens If Both Semifinals And The Final Are Washed Out

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  • The first semifinal between India and New Zealand was washed out and moved to the reserve day
  • Rain threat hover over the second semifinal as well
  • Who will win the Cup if the semis and the final is washed out? Details here.

The weather gods weren’t kind enough to cricket fans on Tuesday. The semi-final between India and New Zealand started amid a rain prediction, but fans were hoping that they will get to see a full contest. To their misfortune, the umpires called on the covers after the drizzle turned into a full-fledged shower after 46.1 overs when New Zealand were at 211/5.  

All possible efforts were taken for the match to be played and for an ideal result, but it was not to be as the weather gods had other ideas. The match will resume on reserve day Wednesday, 10 July. 

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The rain threat is still hovering over both the semifinals as the UK MET department has forecasted rain on Wednesday as well and according to weather sources, the fag-end of Australia versus England tie in Birmingham on Thursday will see passing showers. 

World Cup 2019 has been the tournament where most matches (4) have been washed out in the history of cricket. Both the fans and team will hope to get full contests on Wednesday as the Duckworth/Lewis method doesn’t have a nice reputation among the cricket community.

Let’s say the weather gods get more furious and forget to turn off the taps, and the finals and semifinals are washed out. Who will lift the Cup? 

Details here:

Semifinal 1: The India vs New Zealand game will be picked up from where it was left i.e. New Zealand will have 23 deliveries to play on Wednesday and India will get their full 50 overs for the chase.

If there is a delay in the start of the contest, we will start losing overs from the game and India will have to chase a D/L revised total.

If the Match doesn’t happen at all, India qualifies to the finals as they finished first on the group stage points table as compared to New Zealand’s fourth. 

Semifinal 2: Australia and England are scheduled to meet for the second semifinal on Thursday, 11 July. If that match is washed out, they have a reserve day (Friday) as well. The other scenarios remain the same as semifinal 1. In case, the match doesn’t happen at all, Australia qualifies for the World Cup finals.

Finals: The two teams that qualify will play on Sunday, 14 July. There is a reserve day in the bank for the Final as well, but in case the match gets washed out due to rain, the two teams will share the World Cup.

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