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World Cup | Sanjay Manjrekar Backers Tell Him Not To Reply To Ravindra Jadeja's Attack, Other Netizens Say, 'Sir, Jadeja Is Looking For You''

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • Sanjay Manjrejar and Ravindra Jadeja's spat has captured netizens' imagination
  • There are many who have told Manjrekar to not reply to Jadeja's attack
  • Others feel that it is too big an elephant in the room and needs to be addressed

While there had been significant social media banter regarding Sanjay Manjrekar's exploits at the World Cup - the commentator almost becoming a minor plotline by himself at the quadrennial tournament - things assumed an entirely new dimension with Ravindra Jadeja slamming the former Team India batsman from within the current India side's camp. Manjrekar had called Jadeja a 'bits-and-pieces' player and the CSK all-rounder didn't take kindly to it. It isn't all one way traffic, however, it has emerged.

Jadeja had violently lashed out at Manjrekar, comparing their careers and demanding respect, among other things:

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Since then, Manjrekar hasn't shirked from performing his Twitter analysis on the World Cup, speaking about England's win over New Zealand which saw the hosts qualifying for the World Cup semifinals:

The tweets made no mention of the fact that there was an elephant in the room, something netizens made him all too aware of:

However, there is quite a lobby that is on Manjrekar's side, and doesn't want him to respond to the vehement attack:

Should Manjrekar respond to Jadeja? What's your view?