Here's How You Can Plan A Perfect World Cup Party This Weekend!

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Bored of watching the World Cup 2018, by just laying back on the couch, holding a bottle of beer with a few chill friends? Don't worry! Below we have the perfect plan for you to spice things up with your boy gang!

Written By Radhika Sarkar | Mumbai | Updated On:

Bored of just watching the World Cup 2018 lazing back on the couch, with a bottle of a beer in your hand with a few chill friends? Not to worry! We have the perfect plan to spice things up. Use a few innovative ideas given below, and plan a perfect FIFA party weekend with the boys. 

Decor: So, as we know the host nation this year is Russia, throw in a few country flag colours mainly red, blue, and white to get into the spirit. To cheer in your favourite team you can also bring in competing flags in the living room that can be a perfect blend of competitiveness and fun. And while you're at it, throw in a few footballs just around the living area to add to the theme. 

Munchies: We know that the drink of the evening is going to beer, and to keep your hands-free as you do the signature high-five when your favourite team scores a goal, try your best to keep the food non-messy. Try signature finger foods such as popcorn, chips, sliders and potato poppers. And, if you are really into getting the World Cup hat on and want to do everything FIFA crazy, go ahead and serve signature dishes of the countries that are playing that evening. 

Dress Code: Now, wait are you really thinking? C'mon, all you have to do is get fake but still authentic looking football jerseys. Now you might have people in your boy gang with the original jerseys of their favourite team, but fake cheaps are the best if you have a lighter wallet. You can also team it up with hats, scarves, and shoes inspired by the different teams you are supporting. 

Games: It is an old myth that no football match should be viewed sober, and so to make the party more interesting and for achieving the slight buzz, indulge your boy gang in a few drinking games. Like a shot for every time your favourite team scores a goal? For hardened drinkers, supporters of the losing team can be penalised by having to shotgun a beer, i.e. drink a whole can after puncturing it on the side, without spilling any.

Props: If your boy gang wants to go all out, then you can invest in beer hats, which will just get your party mood on! Further to cheer your team on, you can invest in expensive liquor of tequila or vodka, which will also be added benefit as a shot will be taken every time your favourite team scores a goal. 



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