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Jorginho Leaves Fan Disappointed With Unwanted Autograph In Pulisic Jerseys By Accident

The Chelsea fan apparently expected American star Christian Pulisic to sign the shirts but was left disappointed when Jorginho did it.

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Image: Twitter/@JSRFootball

Italian midfielder Jorginho autographed a Chelsea fan's USA and Borussia Dortmund shirts that were intended to be signed by his teammate Christian Pulisic, leaving the supporter "disappointed." The fan apparently expected American star Pulisic to sign the shirts but was left disappointed when Jorginho did it. The fan took to social media to express his rage, claiming that Jorginho had "ruined" his jerseys.

The fan posted images of the shirts on Twitter along with an explanation of what actually transpired. The supporter said that he brought the shirts to Chelsea's training session on Monday in hopes of getting them signed by Pulisic. He continued by saying that when Pulisic refused to autograph the shirts, Jorginho startlingly approached him and signed both without even asking. The supporter claimed that his jerseys were now ruined.

'I'm very disappointed'

"Yesterday I attempted to get @cpulisic_10 to sign his USA & Dortmund kits at Chelsea training (he didn't). Instead Jorginho shockingly walked up and immediately signed both without asking. I have no idea why, nobody else did. My jerseys are now ruined and I'm very disappointed," the fan tweeted. 

The fan also shared a video of the incident on Twitter, where he received a lot of flak from netizens for being ungrateful towards Jorginho despite his amazing gesture. One user asked him why he didn't stop Jorginho when he was signing the shirts, the fan replied, "I should've. I regret not doing so, but I was simply shocked. Tuchel and many other players walked by without thinking I wanted them to sign them. I didn't expect that at all."

"You allowed him to sign the second one, no one’s fault but your own. Be happy you got a signature, because a lot of fans didn’t," one user wrote. 

"No player stops and says „hey should I sign you shirt“ - your fault for not putting them away! Sorry mate! Facts!" another individual commented. 

Chelsea is currently in the United States for a pre-season tour. The above-mentioned incident occurred outside the Drake Stadium in Los Angeles, where fans had gathered to get a glimpse of their favourite superstars. Pulisic, who plays for Chelsea, is also a member of the United States national football team.  

Image: Twitter/@JSRFootball