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Premier Futsal: How Much Futsal Is Left In Ryan Giggs? 

Written By Abhishek Nair | Mumbai | Published:

The answer is loads. 

When you hear the name Ryan Giggs, the first thing that you associate is the 1999 season, when Manchester United played Arsenal in the semifinals of the FA Cup that season. Manchester United who were still in the race to become the first english team ever to win a treble needed to win that Semifinal rematch held at Villa Park. 

The game went into extra time, and fatigue started playing a big role in the match as players were tired and started making mistakes, minutes before Phil Neville had made a rash tackle giving Arsenal a penalty only for Schmeichel to keep it out. The game was tense, it was an opportunity presented in the form of dramatic glory. 

One wrong pass is all it took, an Arsenal midfielder couldn’t finish his pass and that was enough, young Giggs picked it up few yards within United’s half and the rest was the welshman running ‘like a gazelle’ famously said by the commentator that night before scoring the winner which proved as a crucial moment in United’s treble winning season of 1999. 

Cut to 2017, Ryan Giggs is over 40 years of age, but does that undermine his footballing prowess? Absolutely not! Ryan Giggs can still give the big names of the game a run for his money as his gazelle attributes are still alive and kicking. 

And now Giggs is in Premier Futsal, with one leg of weaving his magic in the 40 by 20 court and the other with an aim to develop and create awareness of the game. But everything apart, one thing is still clear, Ryan Giggs is still a treat to watch.