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PSG, Real Madrid, Man City, Man Utd: Find Out Which Club Has The Most Expensive Squad

According to the report, the average transfer prices paid each league to put together the current roster is roughly 407 million euros in the English league.

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Manchester City and Manchester United, both from the English Premier League, remain at the top of the list when it comes to spending big money to assemble their squads. Manchester City have committed a massive €1.08 billion in player signings for the 2021-22 season, according to a report in the Weekly Post.

Manchester United are in second place with a budget of €866 million, excluding potential add-ons, which would bring the total to €1.023 billion. While City's expenditure increased by €44 million from the previous season, United's spending increased by a whopping €179 million from 2019.

EPL sides dominating the chart

Meanwhile, French club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), who recently signed Argentinian legend Lionel Messi, are third in terms of spending money to assemble their squad. PSG have reportedly committed €939 million, including possible add-ons. Spanish giants Real Madrid and European champions Chelsea occupy the fourth and fifth spot respectively, courtesy of their transfer fees commitment of €787 million and €780 million respectively, including add-ons. Other clubs that have committed more than €500 million on transfer fees are Liverpool (€672m), Juventus (€657m), Arsenal (€630m), Barcelona (€578m), and Tottenham Hotspur (€551m). 

This season, English clubs are dominating the ranking, with six sides occupying a slot in the top-10 spenders' list. According to the report, the average transfer fees spent by a Premier League side stands at around €407 million and the French league averages approximately €130 million.

The football season in Europe has begun and will last until the summer of 2022. While Manchester City are the defending English champions, Lille topped the Ligue 1 table last season. Atletico Madrid are the defending champions in Spain, with Inter Milan working in Italy to defend their Serie A crown. 

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