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This 'gorgeous' Birthday Surprise For David Beckham Has Left The Internet Reaching For The Tissue Box

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • David Beckham was given an unforgettable surprise while celebrating his 43rd birthday on May 2
  • His eldest son Brooklyn came over from New York and the father-son duo meeting was caught on camera
  • The moment is a sure tearjerker

You'd think David Beckham has it all. And yet, there is that one thing that money, fame, success and even a perfect family cannot (always) buy -- the time to enjoy it all.

Since emerging at Manchester United in the mid-90s, David Beckham became a footballing icon like few had before him. He was terrifically marketed and could play a bit too, going on to win it all in England and then again in Spain, all the while featuring for the biggest clubs in the world. United, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, AC Milan, Paris Saint-Germain... are we forgetting anything? Oh yes, he was also captain of England!

On Wednesday, however, as Beckham celebrated his 43rd birthday in London, there was one crucial component missing -- his eldest son Brooklyn. But not for long! 

In a video posted on Instagram, the Beckhams are having a celebratory birthday lunch at a restaurant. The door opens and a tall and broad-shouldered youth, garbed very much as a traveller, enters. He walks straight up to the Beckhams' table where David is sitting with his back to the door and gives his old man a hug!

The moment is a sure tearjerker, with Beckham Sr asking repeatedly "What are you doing here?", while hugging his son. A girl's voice, almost certainly belonging to the youngest Beckham, Harper Seven, says "I didn't know Brooklyn was coming", even as people go 'Aww'.

Brooklyn Beckham, who has been known to football fans for almost 2 decades now, is currently studying photography in London. On this occasion, however, he was the subject.

Here's what people have written, likely while going through several boxes of tissue: