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Why Cardiff Want €100-million In Compensation From Nantes Death Of Striker Emiliano Sala?

Emiliano Sala's unfortunate demise created a long-standing rift between the two clubs as Cardiff City refused to pay Nantes the entitled amount

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Anirban Sarkar
Emiliano Sala

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Emiliano Sala's tragic death still remains a mystery. The Argentine striker succumbed to his injuries when the plane carrying him to South Wales from France crashed back in 2019. Cardiff had agreed on a £15 million transfer with the French club.

Sala's unfortunate demise created a long-standing rift between the two clubs as the Wales side refused to pay Nantes the entitled amount decided for the transfer of the player. But FIFA intervened in the matter and ordered Cardiff to release the first tranche of the transfer fee.

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Cardiff City sue Nantes for €100 million regarding the death of Emiliano Sala

Cardiff appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport regarding the matter and their appeal was rejected. They also followed it up with the Swiss authorities but returned empty-handed. But now the Welsh club is planning to sue the French side for a staggering €100m if reports are to be believed.

As quoted by BBC, Cardiff City chairman Mehmet Dalman confirmed they have processed papers for the suing of Nantes. "We bought a young man in the prime of his career, in good faith.

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"Somebody, without our knowledge, put him in an unfit aeroplane and flew him in a dangerous time of the day, or night in this case. Unfortunately, the two people died because of it.

"Why is it that it's Cardiff that has to then write the cheque out for as much as that? Cardiff is not a wealthy club, it can't afford this.

"So I don't see why people say we're just after money. We just want to get some justice."

On being asked how they come up with the quoted amount he revealed Cardiff's lawyers determined the numbers. "Our lawyers came up with the number. There is logic to it. It's not a number that we picked from the air."

Sala's arrival might have provided them with the cutting edge they had needed for their survival in the Premier League that season. Cardiff managed by Neil Warnock at that time got demoted to the Championship. The matter is now set for a hearing on 22nd June and it remains to be seen how things fare in the near future.