American Cyclist Denise Mueller-Korenek Rides Bicycle At Top Speed Of 183 Mph To Shatter Record That Stood For Two Decades

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American cyclist Denise Mueller-Korenek has set a new land speed record on her custom-made bicycle, hitting an average of average speed of 183.9 miles per hour.

Written By Dylan Dsouza | Mumbai | Updated On:

On Sunday, Denise Mueller-Korenek, an American cyclist, has done something no one else has done before. The former track, road and mountain bike champion has gone onto set a new land speed record on her custom-made bicycle, hitting an average speed of 183.9 miles per hour over a distance of five and a half miles.

The 45-year-old set the record this week at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, a venue which has been a witness to several other land speed records. The American cyclist's recent feat sees her smash the men's land speed record of 167 mph, while she had already broken the women's record in 2016, which stood at 147.7mph.

Mueller adopted the same technique and location, which was used the men's record holder Fred Rompleberg. But she upped the ante and managed to better the record of the Dutch cyclist by a margin of 15 miles an hour. 

While there is no doubt that the American cyclist had prepared herself well enough to ensure her body was up to the challenge, but for a human to reach top speeds of 300kmph may sound a little bizarre. It has been revealed that Mueller was provided a little assistance in the early stages of her record-breaking attempt.

For the first few miles of the run on her custom-made bicycle, she was towed behind a vehicle that was driven by experienced drag racer Shea Holbrook. The vehicle was equipped with a special windshield to eliminate any wind resistance. Once the bike reached speeds of 60 mph, it was released and Denise Mueller-Korenek started pedaling down the draft touching top speed of 183.9 miles between miles four and five.

Most importantly, if it wasn't the custom-made bicycle this record-setting run wouldn't have been possible in the first place. A motorbike company, called KHS Bicycles are the brains behind this masterpiece. The extraordinary bike is made of a carbon frameset, while its elongated design and wheels were designed to provide stability at high speeds. It also includes a suspension fork which reduces vibrations over the salt flats.

Moreover, the best part of this race is that Denise Mueller-Korenek came out of retirement to smash this record. The 15-time bike champion had taken up racing as a teenager, but was forced to quit the sport as she had to raise her children. In spite of these obstacles, the 45-year-old has shown no signs of stopping.

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