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Australian Surfer Mikey Wright Rescues Struggling Swimmer From Rough Waters: WATCH

Australian surfer Mikey Wright risked his own life to save a woman from being swept away by the powerful waves at Oahu's North Shore, in Hawaii, on December 31.

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Australian surfer Mikey Wright has been hailed as a hero on social media for risking his own life to save a woman from drowning at sea in Hawaii. The champion surfer was initially filming the waves on Oahu's North Shore on December 31, when he realized that a woman was in distress after being swept out by some powerful waves. He then sprang into action by jumping over a fence and running into the sea to save the woman.

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Mikey Wright rescues woman from drowning in Hawaii

In a video uploaded on Instagram by the surfer himself, Mikey Wright is initially seen filming the strong waves and beautiful scenery at Ke Iki Beach in Hawaii on New Year's Eve. It was only moments later that he realized something wasn't quite right with a woman who was struggling to swim back to shore after being pulled into the deep by a 15-foot wave. As several people on the beach began to panic over the woman in distress, Mikey Wright sprung into action. 

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The video footage shows Wright jump over a fence onto the beach and then sprint towards the water before navigating his rescue attempt. The 24-year-old then began swimming towards the woman, who appeared to be in dire need of help, before grabbing a hold of her and guiding her back to shore. Wright also managed to shield the woman from the impact of a few enormous waves and the sharp rocks beneath them while bringing her back to safety.

Wright captioned the video, "HOLD MY BEER". While speaking to 2GB, Wright said, "I knew I was going to get to her and get her safely and I didn't have to second guess. We just saw this wave come up and sweep this lady off the rocks and started to drag her out to sea. As soon as I saw her, there was no one who was going to stop me doing what I did."  Wright sustained minor scratches on his back and hip but also credited the success of the rescue to his sister, Tyler, who was directing the pair to the safety of the shoreline.   

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Many who came across the video on social media praised Wright for his timely intervention. On Twitter, one wrote, "Not all heroes wear capes, some are shirtless and Australian." Another added, "Never underestimate the power of nature. But thank god for Mikey to be there at that moment. What a guy". A third wrote, "Surfer+Swimmer+Rescuer= Mikey Wright".

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