Baron Corbin Provokes Gable During Coronation, Pays A Huge Price

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Baron Corbin had to pay a huge price for provoking Chad Gable during his coronation on Smackdown. Corbin had defeated Gable via submission to win the tournament

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Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin has been one of the best in-ring wrestlers of the WWE and a mid-carder of the company for a few years. Corbin has had a good stint at NXT which is the WWE developmental system. Baron Corbin big break in the company came in the year 2016 when he defeated Kane to win the Andre The Giant  Memorial Battle Royal by eliminating Kane at Wrestlemania 32. The following year, he would go on to become the WWE United States Champion. However, the year 2019 turned out to be a big year for him when he won the 'King of The Ring' tournament on Raw. His coronation took place on Tuesday Night Smackdown. But, there was a big twist in the tale. 

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Baron Corbin provokes Gable

Baron Corbin was given a royal welcome to the ring after which a staffer places the robe on the new king and hands over the crown to him. While Corbin gives the king's speech, his King of The Ring final opponent Gable makes his presence felt. Baron Corbin had made Chad Gable submit on Monday Night Raw to win the tournament. So when Gable had come out, Corbin started mocking the losing finalist. Nonetheless, the king was unsure about what was about to unfold. He continued mocking at Gable and also bullied him for being short. An angry Gable then stormed into the ring, tackled the new king over the throne and threw punches at him after which he attacked Corbin with the scepter and broke it after hitting Baron on his back. Corbin protected himself by getting out of the ring but Chad was not done yet. He did a royal damage as he tore off the cape and destroyed the crown as a heartbroken Baron Corbin was left in tears.

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All hail King Corbin

Baron Corbin has been considered a favourite within the industry for a long time now and has proved his worth by ending WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle's run as RAW's General Manager and beat him in Wrestlemania 35. Baron Corbin took on Chad Gable in a physically exhausting match as both the superstars pulled all the tricks in their bag to grab a victory. Both Gable and Corbin went at each other from when the bell rang, displaying extreme athletism, speed and high flying abilities. The action also shifted outside the ring, as Gable was sent into the barricades on multiple occasions by Corbin following which Corbin was driven into the steel steps shoulder first by Gable. Even an ankle lock from Gable could not get Corbin to tap out as the Lone Wolf hit Gable with an End of Days to be crowned the new King of the Ring. 

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