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DeAndre Baker Sues Quinton Dunbar's Attorney For Libel And Slander: Reports

'DeAndre Baker sues Quinton Dunbar's attorney' for slander is the latest update coming out of the armed robbery case involving the two NFL cornerbacks.

DeAndre Baker sues

The 'NFL players armed robbery' case involving cornerbacks DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar might get more complicated than it already was. Latest media reports about the case suggest DeAndre Baker will sue Quinton Dunbar's lawyer for libel slander. 

Quinton Dunbar's attorney Michael Grieco tweeted out a screenshot of a text which apparently indicates Baker was gambling earlier in the week before the incident occurred while clearing Dunbar's name from it. Grieco further claimed he has a detailed account of Quinton Dunbar's whereabouts for all the three days prior to the alleged incident and will use the same to prove his client's innocence.

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DeAndre Baker sues Quinton Dunbar's attorney?

However, Dunbar's attorney sharing the screenshot did not go well with DeAndre Baker's attorneys. One of his attorneys, Patrick Patel confirmed to the New York Post that his client his unhappy with the latest action of Grieco and will now take legal action against him. "(DeAndre) Baker is going to immediately file a lawsuit against Grieco for libel and slander," Patel said. "Making everybody believe that Baker is in that picture because his name is in the text. The text is complete bul****t. Read the text. You can say anybody is that person."

Patel further pointed out at the person's arm in the screenshot (alleged to be Baker) claiming the size of his arms and his tattoos confirm that he is not DeAndre Baker. A report from Miramar Police about the Quinton Dunbar and DeAndre Baker robbery case said the duo lost $70,000 during a gambling session earlier in the week. However, Patel noted the discrepancy as the screenshot from Dunbar's attorney says Baker won $10,000. Patrick Patel believes the text is fabricated and he would like to cross-examine Grieco about the whereabouts of the text in front of the judge.

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NFL players armed robbery: DeAndre Baker pleads not guilty

The incident took place last week at an estate in South Florida where witnesses claimed the NFL duo attended a party. After a fight broke out, reports state Deandre Baker brandished a gun and instructed Dunbar and another unnamed person to rob people. The trio reportedly fled with over $10,000 in cash and several valuables. Subsequently, Miramar Police issued an arrest warrant against the 3 accused.

On Saturday, May 16, Baker and Dunbar surrendered to the police before they were released on bail. Baker, who was charged with four counts of armed robbery and four counts of aggravated assault with a firearm/intent to commit a felony, was released on a $200,000 bond.

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Earlier this week reports stated, DeAndre Baker pleads not guilty to the charges while Dunbar also soon joined the suit and did the same. Patrick Patel confirmed his client was not involved in the robbery as he was busy playing a video game in another room when the ruckus happened. Patel claims he is looking for electronic evidence to prove his client's innocence. 

DeAndre Baker, 22, plays for New York Giants while Quinton Dunbar, 27, joined Seattle Seahawks earlier in the off-season. According to reports, the duo might be facing an NFL suspension as the league also initiated an independent investigation into the incident. Both Baker and Dunbar will have to make their cases in front of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and other officials. 

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