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India's Kamalpreet Kaur Falls Short At Tokyo 2020 Women's Discus Throw Final, Finishes 6th

Discus thrower Kamalpreet Kaur on Monday failed to make it to the podium and ensure another medal for India at the Tokyo Olympics in the discus throw final

Kamalpreet Kaur/Tokyo Olympics

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India's star discus thrower Kamalpreet Kaur on Monday failed to make it to the podium and ensure another medal for India at the Tokyo Olympics. Kamalpreet Singh tried her level best and used every thing in her locker but it proved insufficient.

In the first round in which a total of 12 athletes, Kamalpreet's first aim was to make it to the round 2  by being within the top 8. Her scores in the discus throw final read 61.62 (first throw). Kamalpreet Kaur was not happy with her second throw which was around the 60m mark; however it was termed as foul. Kaur's third throw was 63.70m which was under immense pressure as she had slipped from the top 8. However, the third throw pushed Kamalpreet to number 6 among the top 8. The top 8 were given another three throws. 

Kamalpreet however did not start the top-8 up to the mark as she wasted her first throw with a foul, had a second throw of 61.37m, and the third throw was a foul. 

USA's Valarie Allman wins gold

On the other hand, USA's Valarie Allman won gold medal. In the first round (Top 12) her first throw touched went to a distance of 68.98 meters (Gold), before two consecutive fouls. In her second round at the final 8 stage, Valarie Allman scored 64.76m, 66.78m and ended with a foul.

Germany's Kristin Pudnez (Silver) had scores of 63.07m, 65.34m, 64.35m and in the top 8, a foul, 66.86m, and a foul.

Cuba's Yaime Perez (Bronze) recorded scores of 65.72m, 62.16m & 63.20m in the first round and 65.34m, foul, foul in the second.

Notably, during the qualification, USA’s Valarie Allman with a throw of 66.42m topped the round. London 2012 and Rio 2016 gold medallist Sandra Perkovic of Croatia had the third-best throw of 63.75m. The Croatian who was looking for a hat-trick of Olympic golds at Tokyo 2020 had a season’s best throw of 68.31m and her personal best is 71.41m. Cuba’s Yaime Perez, had a throw of 63.18m in the qualification round while her season-best throw is 70.01.

Rain delays discus throw final at Tokyo Olympics

As each athlete was at two throws each in the first round, the discus throw final was hit by rain. At that point the Tokyo Olympics management tried to continue the match, however, as many as three athletes slipped into the circle and their discus throw went wrong. When the drizzle became too strong, the management stopped the event. 

However, the athletes who slipped during the throw were given another chance. 

Kamalpreet Kaur's records

Looking back at Kamalpreet Kaur's record, she set a national record in the discus throw with an attempt of 65.06 m and, in fact, she even bettered her own record to 66.59 at the Federation Cup Senior Athletics Championships that was held in Patiala last month i.e. June 2021. Kaur finished fifth at the Asian Athletics Championships 2019 that was held in Doha.

(Image Credits: AP)

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