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Jon Jones Wants More Money, Won't Fight Francis Ngannou For “$8-10 Million”

Jon Jones recently made it clear that he won’t be fighting Francis Ngannou for $8 or $10 million as it’s “way too low for a fight of this magnitude”.

jon jones

jon jones

Jon Jones continued his rivalry with UFC regarding pay on Wednesday as he threw in some major numbers and names in his recent rant on Twitter. The pound-for-pound king is next on the line to fight Francis Ngannou for the heavyweight strap after he vacated his light heavyweight belt last year to move up the weight class. However, since Ngannou has won the title by defeating Stipe Miocic at UFC 260, Jones is busy going back-and-forth with Dana White and team over his paycheck.

Jon Jones next fight: Jon Jones demands UFC release

Things between the two parties got so much worse that few days ago, Jon Jones asked UFC to release him from his contract and cut him from the roster. While saying that Dana White hates him, Jones added that the UFC industry “has been nothing but depressing for me”. Now, his recent tweets centre around how much he gets paid for an event and how much he’s expecting for the Francis Ngannou fight.

Jon Jones next fight: $10 million not enough for Bonny

Jon Jones revealed that he had a chat with UFC executive vice president and chief business officer Hunter Campbell a few days ago, where the two discussed the purse for Francis Ngannou vs Jon Jones. There, Bonny made it clear that he won’t be making his heavyweight debut for $8 or $10 million as it’s “way too low for a fight of this magnitude”.

In addition, Jones said that believes he’s been underpaid throughout his entire career and is hoping to finally get paid what he believes is right. He claimed when he asked UFC to pay him more, it “pissed off” Dana White, while he’s sure that if Conor McGregor would have made those requests, “there would have been whiskey night”.

Francis Ngannou vs Jon Jones: Ngannou on Jones vs UFC

While talking to TMZ Sports, Francis Ngannou said that Jon Jones is not at all irrational for asking for a huge paycheck. He believes Jones deserves the huge pay, considering he’s one of the greatest fighters to ever step foot inside the octagon. “I think (for) a mega-fight, everyone likes to have a mega pay. (So do I). I want that fight, I would like to have a good pay. And every other fighter out there would like that,” Ngannou added.

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