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Kamlapreet Kaur 'proud' Of Her Olympic Performance, Says 'India's Support Was Fulfilling'

Kamalpreet Kaur spoke to Republic TV about her experience of competing in a big sports event like the Olympics and her future plans to win more medals for India


Following a spectacular performance at the Tokyo Olympics, India's star discus thrower Kamalpreet Kaur spoke to Republic TV about her experience of competing in a big sports event like the Olympics and her plans on winning a medal for India in the next. On Monday, August 2, Kamalpreet failed to make it to the podium and ensure another medal for the country at the Tokyo Olympics. But she tried her level best and used everything in her locker but it proved insufficient. While she also scripted history in the Women Indian Discuss throw sport. 

'Discus throw is a sport!'

Speaking to Republic, Kamalpreet Kaur said, "My performance at the Tokyo Olympics have made people realise that Discus throw is a sport and there is a career with it."

"Earlier, I had to explain to people what is Discus throw is and how is it played. But, with my qualification to the Tokyo Olympics, I no more need to explain about my sport", she said. 

'An exciting experience to cherish'

Explaining her moments at Tokyo Olympics, Kamalpreet Kaur said, "This was my first time at the Olympics. It was an exciting experience on the whole. I was really nervous as I had never competed with world champions before, and I felt too nervous. My nervousness could also been a factor for me to fail in the last round."

"India's support and peoples wishes and expectations on my performance was too fulfilling to experience. I might have not won the medal for the country but I'm satisfied with my performance," she added. 

The discus throw player said that for every athelete, participating in the Olympics and winning a medal is the ultimate dream and goal. In addition, she stated that this year she got an opportunity to compete in the Olympics and in the next game she will bring home a medal.

What's in the future for the Discus throw player?

Speaking of her decision to play Discuss throw, Kamalpreet said, "I was not good at studies and so I thought I should focus on sports. In 10th class, I participated in a sport event that inspired me to pursue sports seriously."

She added, "When I decided to practise Discus I was not aware of the importance of a good coach and a good centre too. I never knew about good diet and lifestyle when I started."

She advised the young players to find good sport centre and a coach to train well. She also mentioned to follow a good nutritional diet plan. Kamalpreet Kaur looks forward to performing well and securing a medal at the upcoming Common Wealth and Asia Games. 

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