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Magnus Carlsen Reveals Next Move To Launch A New Era Of $1 Million Online Chess Tour

Chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen is prepared to combine four online chess tournaments and reward the winner with a staggering $1 million prize.

Magnus Carlsen

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen is set to boost the popularity of his sport amid the coronavirus lockdown. It is reported that the 'Magnus Carlsen Online Chess Tour' will combine the four major online chess tournaments with the grand finale set to take place in August later this year. The prize money for the Magnus Carlsen chess tour would amount up to a whopping $1 million - the highest reward for winning an online chess tournament.

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Magnus Carlsen IQ: Magnus Carlsen Online Chess Tour

Chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen recently announced the launch of the 'Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour' on May 14. The 29-year-old Norwegian created an invitational online chess tournament last month for fans with the total prize money of $250,000. The aim was to keep fans at home occupied during the coronavirus lockdown. The online chess tournament began on April 18 and ended on May 3 as Magnus Carlsen himself won the inaugural tournament. However, fans weren't too surprised with the results given the Magnus Carlsen IQ is considerably higher in comparison to an average human.

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Magnus Carlsen standings: Magnus Carlsen Online Chess Tour

According to ScoopWhoop, the Magnus Carlsen IQ clocks in at 190. The staggering Magnus Carlsen IQ puts him in the category of the top 20 smartest people in the world. Magnus Carlsen's peak classical rating of 2882 is the highest in history and the Chess World No 1 recently broke the record for the longest unbeaten streak, making it 111 games without defeat.

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Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour: Schedule for online chess Tour

Following the success of the first online chess tour, Magnus Carlsen now wants to combine three more online chess tournaments - including the Magnus Carlsen invitational last month - to create an astonishing prize fund of $1 million for the final winner. This will be the highest ever reward for winning an online chess tour and the finals will take place between August 9-20. The top four players from the inaugural chess tournament will qualify for the next 'major'. Carlsen, along with Hikaru Nakamura, Ding Liren, and Alireza Firouzja will feature in the next major online chess tournament. Here is the schedule for the three major online chess tours including the final: 

Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge (May 19-June 3) - $150,000

Online Chess Masters (June 20-July 5) - $150,000

Legends of Chess (July 21 -August 5)  - $150,000

Grand Final (August 9-20) - $300,000

Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour: Magnus Carlsen online chess tour finale

Winners of the individual tournaments will progress through to the grand final. The $250,000 from the invitational chess tournament will be added to the prize money for the other four tournaments. The total prize money for the winner of the final will be a staggering $1 million. 

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