Michael Bisping Reveals Horrific Moment When He Was Nearly Murdered At 17 In New Book

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UFC star Michael Bisping details a horrific incident that took place when he was only aged 17. The incident nearly had him murdered. Read on to know more.

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Michael Bisping

After a memorable UFC career, Michael Bisping is venturing into his new career as a cage-side analyst, and now, along with the ghostwriter Anthony Ant Evans, Bisping has penned a compelling book around his life. And while the book is expected to feature tales around his legendary UFC career, it also tells you stories that are completely unheard of and never came up in any conversation. The book which is titled, Quitters Never Win: My Life in UFC is quite a fascinating one. Of all the other interesting parts, the story of a visit from a would-be murderer is something that certainly makes his tale unique from most of the other UFC fighter autobiographies.

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Michael Bisping murder story

In conversation with Yahoo Sports, Michael Bisping revealed that he was aged 17 in July 1996 and he came home late on a Saturday after a night out. He said that he heard a faint tapping at his door several times. Eventually, as he asked for who it was, he got a response saying that it’s John. Bisping, though, did not know anyone by that name, at least not well enough that someone with named John would show up at his door late on a Saturday night.

Michael Bisping revealed that he opened the door to let him in and was maced immediately. The UFC veteran fell backwards and rubbed his eyes and as he looked up, it was a terrifying sight. Once he opened his eyes, Bisping saw a man standing before him in black boots, black pants, black bomber jacket and a black Ku Klux Klan hood.

The man was carrying a can of gasoline which he began to pour around his apartment. Bisping added that it was quite a thing for him to deal with, let alone the fact that he was a partially drunk 17-year-old living on his own for the first time.

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Man grabs a hammer to smash Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping admitted that he panicked and despite having a big block of knives right behind him, he didn’t even think of pulling them out as he wasn’t able to think straight and was rather terrified. Bisping had to run into another room to close the door and call 999 to scream for help. Bisping explained that while he was frantically pleading with the dispatcher to get him help, the intruder stood there and stared at him through a large window.

Bisping also called a friend to get him some help. He stated that the man did not react initially but somehow realized that he was on the phone with someone and wasn’t pretending. This prompted the intruder to pull a hammer out of his jacket and pressed his face against the window glass and began tapping. That was the time when what might have been the death of a UFC legend before he ever made it as a fighter turned into something far different.

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Michael Bisping recognizes the intruder

Michael Bisping thought he recognized the man as someone that he called ‘Bruno’ in his new book (he has changed his real name to Bruno in the book). Bisping said that once he called out his name, the man took a step back which gave Bisping confidence because he was then sure that it’s really the same guy that he had thought he was. He stated that the intruder was actually someone he had fought before and that he had come with a hood on to get him.

Why did the man not react to Michael Bisping calling 999?

Michael Bisping revealed that the guy left right after he later realised why the intruder didn’t react at first when he thought Bisping was calling for help. He said that the man had come to his apartment earlier in the day when Bisping was out and cut a cable. Michael Bisping further added that there was a cable near the phone and that he had cut the ones which actually disconnected the doorbell.

Michael Bisping revealed that has never been afraid of any man since that incident.

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