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NFL Trade Rumors: Rashaad Coward Reveals Steelers Move Accidently On Call Of Duty

NFL trade rumors: Offensive linesman Rashaad Coward accidentally revealed his Steelers move during a Call of Duty game his wife was playing on Saturday.

NFL trade rumors

The NFL offseason is never short of leaks that form the basis of trade rumours, but Rashaad Coward took it to another level on Saturday. Restricted free agent and offensive lineman Coward is expected to sign with the Pittsburgh Steelers before the new season begins later this year. The 26-year-old in fact reportedly leaked the details of the same during a Call of Duty game. 

NFL trade rumors: Rashaad Coward Call of Duty game "leaks" Steelers move 

As per Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports, Rashaad Coward was caught on an open mic during a game of Call of Duty: Warzone that his wife was playing discussing a move to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The 26-year-old's significant other was teamed with a random player and they play together regularly. One can often get random teammates whose open microphone can pick up virtually everything being said inside their room. The Redditor, who confessed is a Green Bay Packers fan, reportedly heard Coward discussing a potential deal with the Steelers in the background and posted what was said on Reddit. The Redditor, whose username is ProbationOfficer2035, alleged that the Rashaad Coward Steelers deal will see him sign a three-year contract. 

Soon NFL Network's Ian Rappoport indeed reported that the Steelers are expected to sign Coward. The 26-year-old followed it up with a cryptic tweet suggesting that it went according to "God's Plan". One of Coward’s agents, Brian Adkins, tweeted a follow-up aimed at Rashaad Coward’s wife on Sunday that appears to confirm something did indeed happen in a random "Call of Duty" game and endorsed her skills. The offensive lineman most likely would come in as the replacement for Matt Feiler and is expected to fill in at both guard spots and right tackle. Coward signed with the Chicago Bears in 2017 as an undrafted free agent.

In 2019, the offensive linesman started ten games at right guard after Kyle Long suffered a season-ending injury, while made another five during the 2020 season. The Bears decided against offering him a new deal and a move to Steelers is on the cards. The Rashaad Coward trade to Pittsburgh would add depth and options to an offensive line that has lost one starter in Maurkice Pouncey to retirement, while Freiler took up free agency, while left tackle Alejandro Villanueva also remains unsigned. The Bears finished second in the NFC North division but were knocked out in the Wild Card round against New Orleans Saints. Steelers meanwhile topped the AFC North and were themselves knocked out in the Wild Card round against Cleveland Browns. 

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