Randy Orton: Instances When The Viper Surprised His Opponents With RKO

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Randy Orton, the Apex Predator, surprises his opponents with an RKO out of nowhere. Take a look at which superstars fell prey to the 'Viper's' deadly sting

Written By Gunjan Shah | Mumbai | Updated On:
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Randy Orton, also known as the ‘Viper’ and the ‘Apex Predator’; is renowned for his ground-breaking finisher the ‘RKO’. Son of the WWE Hall of Famer, ‘Cowboy’ Bob Orton, nephew of Barry ‘Barry O’ Orton, and grandson of WWE legend, late ‘The Big O’, Bob Orton senior; Randy Orton is a third-generation wrestling superstar. Orton was not even 5 years old when he watched his father knock out ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Paul Orndorff in the main event at the inaugural Wrestlemania. Here are some instances when Randy Orton surprised his opponents.

Orton lands an RKO on Rusev

(Smackdown Live, August 15, 2017)

The ‘Bulgarian Brute’, Alexander Rusev and the ‘Viper’, Randy Orton were scheduled to clash at Summerslam 2017, but long before their clash, an RKO was delivered on Rusev. On August 15, 2017, Rusev and Chad Gable were fighting outside the ring; when the referee signalled a tie as both the superstars were outside the ring after the 10 count. Rusev was furious and was about to begin his post-match promotions. Even before Rusev could utter a single word, he received the best of Randy Orton in the form of an RKO, Orton caught Rusev by surprise and performed his finisher on the ‘Bulgarian Brute’.

Orton delivers an RKO and wins the Money in the Bank Ladder Match

(Money in the Bank, July 13, 2014)

This was a breath-taking clash between Randy Orton, Rob Van Dam, Christian, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and Sheamus for a WWE championship title contract. While CM Punk was making his attempt to retrieve the Money in the Bank suitcase, Mr. Paul Heyman, made repetitive hits on CM Punk with a ladder. While Rob Van Dam was on the ladder making an attempt to grab the suitcase; the ‘Apex Predator’ shook his ladder and delivered an RKO on Rob Van Dam mid-air.

Orton delivers an RKO on Big E mid-match

(Monday Night Raw, August 19, 2019)

During a tag team match-up between the ‘New Day’ and the ‘Revival’; ‘New Day’ was in complete control of the match. With Big E, the ‘Powerhouse’ of ‘New Day’ inside the Ring, the ‘Revival’ was in big trouble. Big E was gaining momentum to perform a top rope manoeuvre on Dash Wilder. Just when Big E began the pre-move sprint, the ‘Viper’ Randy Orton came into the ring from the barricades and performed an RKO on Big E, disrupting the flow of the match and saving his newly formed allies the ‘Revival’.

Orton surprises Jinder Mahal

(Smackdown Live, June 13, 2017)

There have been countless instances when the Apex Predator out of nowhere has managed to surprise his opponents. Randy did this during an ongoing promotion of Jinder Mahal. On June 13, 2017; while Jinder Mahal was busy taunting the ‘Viper’, Randy played his entrance track and created a distraction. He came into the ring from the back and delivered his deadly ‘RKO’ on Jinder Mahal.

Orton invades Raw to attack Brock Lesnar

(Monday Night Raw, August 1, 2016)

Mr Paul Heyman, and the ‘Beast’, Brock Lesnar, were taunting Randy Orton inside the ring on Monday Night Raw. The ‘Beast’ and the ‘Viper’ were set to face each other at the Summerslam 2016, later that year. While Paul Heyman was busy boasting about his client to the audience, Randy Orton saw an opportunity. When Paul Heyman was talking about how the ‘Viper’ would not be able to deliver an RKO on the ‘Beast’ at the Summerslam 2016, Randy Orton came into the ring and delivered his deadly signature move the ‘RKO’ on Brock Lesnar to everyone's surprise.

That’s what you get with Randy Orton: Safety is never guaranteed, alliances are made to be broken and destruction can come from out of nowhere. The ‘Apex Predator’ known for his deadly signature move RKO, is a 12-time World Champion and a two-time Royal Rumble Winner. Friend and foe alike have felt the sting of his RKO and well into his second decade as a WWE Superstar, there’s no telling what comes next. For more information on the ‘Viper’ Randy Orton, and the WWE Universe, stay tuned to this space.

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