Roman Reigns Battles Leukemia, Knocks It Out Of The Ring

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Roman Reigns who had suffered from leukemia fought a four-month-long battle after which he made his return to WWE. He delivered a 'Superman Punch' to it.

Written By Rahul Ramakrishnan | Mumbai | Updated On:
Roman Reigns

On 23rd October 2018, the WWE universe received distressing news when WWE superstar Roman Reigns declared his battle with Leukemia. For more than four months, his battle to overcome the disease’s effects continued until he made his appearance on Monday Night Raw just before Wrestlemania 35. Watched by millions across the world, Reigns made his first appearance back an impactful one. With an emotional speech back in October, it led to massive tears in the audience. On Monday, there were cheers and smiles as Reigns announced from the ring once again that the Big Dog was back. " There is no other fan base like you guys. I said this before I'm a man of faith and I believe in God that he has favored me, looked after me but I'm not going to lie before my announcement [about leukemia], I was terrified. Almost a year later, Roman Reigns stands as not just a survivor but an advocate for spreading awareness on this devastating cancer of the blood – Leukemia.  As the month of September is Leukemia awareness month, we journey back to all that Roman has done to Knock Leukemia out of the ring.

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The Roman Reigns T-shirt that goes a long way

When Roman Reigns returned to WWE, a new authentic shirt was made in honor of him overcoming his battle with Leukemia. This shirt is more than something to wear to support your favorite WWE Superstar as it is now being used to support other people who are victims of Leukemia. 20% of the sales made from this shirt are donated to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to help their fight to find a cure for cancer. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society focuses on creating treatments for Hodgkin’s Disease, Lymphoma, Myeloma, and Leukemia to help patients recover faster and go back to living a healthier lifestyle. Another goal of this organization is to provide its patients and their families with the proper living conditions that they need to feel comfortable enough to go through the full treatment and have more hope throughout the process.

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WWE 2K20 highlights the awareness of Blood cancers

In a campaign featuring World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar and leukemia survivor Roman Reigns, video game publisher 2K is partnered with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to heighten awareness around blood cancers. The game will feature “Big Dog” Reigns — the ring name of Leati Joseph Anoa’i — and his WWE career. Anoa’i announced last October that his previously undisclosed leukemia had returned after 11 years, but that he was back in remission and would resume working. The global partnership corresponds with 2K’s release of professional wrestling video game WWE 2K20, slated for Oct. 22.

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Inspiring Hospital visits

The Big Dog underwent a four-month battle with the terrible illness before his miraculous comeback last. During his treatment, the four-time world champion got to meet a lot of children who were struck by pediatric cancer and inspired him to pull through. I’ve been able to visit so many different pediatric children’s hospitals, build relationships with the children, and spread that message. “They’re the superstars, they’re my biggest heroes, and it’s not just me giving to them — it’s those kids giving to me.

In the match of Roman Reigns Vs Leukemia, it looks like Roman takes the reigns and once again proves why he’s the ultimate WWE superstar. 

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