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Tony Hawk's 2019 Video Of Him Gifting Merchandise To Strangers Doing Kickflips Goes Viral

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk's 2019 video where he gifts merchandise to random strangers on streets performing 'kickflips' has gone viral on social media.

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk aka Birdman has grown synonymous with skateboarding over the years. The 52-year-old won nearly every high-calibre competition in the sport and famously performed several tricks that had never before been executed by another skateboarder. Even after his career ended, the Birdman has championed a billion-dollar video game franchise while pursuing a variety of other business interests. 

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Tony Hawk highlights: Legendary skateboarder gives away free merchandise to random skaters 

Tony Hawk is arguably the most influential skateboarder of all time and is also known for overusing the phrase “Do a kickflip!” The 52-year-old has partnered with Pacifico Beer to create Pacifico’s Tony Hawk Pro Skater Challenge, which will be live-streamed on IGN’s YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch channels on Thursday, February 18 at 8 PM EST (Friday, 6:30 AM IST). The winners of the contest have a chance at winning gaming gear valued up to $5,000. Fans also have the chance to win Pacifico-branded gear like winner’s choice of Microsoft Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5, a 55-inch 4K smart TV, a copy of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2 signed by Tony Hawk, and more. 

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This is not the first time that the Birdman has gone around giving free merchandise to random strangers in San Diego. In a 2019 video uploaded by Sports Center via The Berrics, Hawk would ask random strangers to do a kickflip. If the skaters landed correctly, he would then gift them a free gear. The 52-year-old is well known for his charity, and the Tony Hawk Foundation has built more than 900 skateparks across the United States, predominantly in underprivileged communities according to Business Insider

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Tony Hawk not recognised? Skateboard legend thinks it's funny when fans don't recognise him

Tony Hawk has etched his name in history but still remains relatively unknown due to skateboarding's lack of popularity. The 52-year-old has recollected many times on Twitter, how people do not recognise and have mistaken him for someone else. In an interview with the Business Insider, Hawk revealed that people realise that he is famous in some capacity but his face draws a blank and they do not recognise him. The 52-year-old reveals that he has been misunderstood as NFL legend Tom Brady Brady, disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong and Tony Stark, better known as Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and countless other celebrities in everyday interactions. When he isn't confused for other famous athletes, Hawk is often assumed to be a Tony Hawk look-alike. The skateboarding legend retired from professional competition in 1999, the same year he became the first individual ever to land a 900 during an event. 

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