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'Tried Calling, Got No Response,' Says Manu Bhaker's Father To Haryana Sports Minister Anil Vij Who Had Assured Rs. 2 Crore Reward

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • Manu Bhaker's father and Haryana Sports Minister Anil Vij appeared on Republic TV after a heated exchange of tweets
  • BJP Haryana sports minister questioned Manu for giving 'political statements'
  • In return, her father claimed that this is the third time that has happened with Manu

The clash between teenage shooting sensation Manu Bhaker and Haryana Sports Minister Anil Vij, after the shooter questioned the BJP, Minister, if the promised 2 crore reward after winning a gold medal in 2018 Youth Olympics, was just an eyewash. To which, Haryana Chief Minister retaliated in a series of tweets lashing out at the Bhaker citing it to be "disgusting to denounce a state government".

Further debating over the issue, Manu Bhaker's father, Ramkishan Bhaker and Anil Vij appeared on Republic TV. 

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The Minister stood rigid on his stance that the Ministry did not refuse to pay the amount and that she should have spoken to the department before making "political statements" 

Vij said, "I told her, that we have never told you that we won't give her the 2 crore reward. Then she is going to the media and questioning if its 'jumla-bazi or truth", why is she giving such political statements, I just told her this. I stand by that, we will give her 2 crore rupees and we never said that we would reduce the amount. Then without reason, if this happened it would be better if she spoke to our sports department or her father would have spoken and we would have cleared the situation." 

Responding to his question over his tweet after the Minister cited that Manu should apologise he said, "Yes she should apologise, if I make a mistake, I apologise, if she does it she should apologise." 

"The sports personalities are our kids, we listen to them, love them and even make them understand, this is our job. I just said that when we have not told you that instead of 2 crore rupees we'll give you 1 crore and if you still have ambiguity with it you should ask us. This political-language does not suit sports people. We give the most reward compared to the world, we give them jobs, we do this because our country's name should grow, our kids should get a name," he added. 

Standing for his daughter, Manu Bhaker's father claimed that this is the third incident with his daughter and that even after contacting the Minister himself the family never got a response.

He said, "Minister is older than Manu and if he says that pertaining to his age if she should apologise then I agree with him, but I would like to say that we tried calling the department and you too, but we always got the answer that the Minister is not around or is busy and we'll see tomorrow." 

"And the thing that you mentioned that Manu should not have used words like 'jhumla' then for that I agree with you, but this happened third time with her. First, she was made a brand ambassador of Rubella and then taken down, she was extremely hurt with that and again it's not about money even this time. In the history of Haryana, this is the first gold that Manu has earned, and I believe Youth Olympics is considered bigger than the Olympics because one can play this only once a lifetime," he added

Refusing to apologise for his tweets the Minister said that this is a matter between him and his sports personalities. 

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