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UFC 261: Chris Weidman Undergoes Surgery After Horrible Leg Break, Wife Shares Update

Chris Weidman, who suffered a compound fracture while fighting Uriah Hall at UFC 261 is out of surgery and is currently recovering in hospital.

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Image Source: Marivi Weidman/ Instagram

Chris Weidman is out of surgery and is currently recovering in hospital. The UFC veteran suffered a disturbing compound fracture as he fought fellow veteran Uriah Hall in a middleweight bout at Saturday night’s UFC 261. The incident took place just 17 seconds into the bout as Weidman threw a right leg kick that was successfully checked by Hall. Because of the impact, Weidman’s leg snapped, forcing it to fold under his weight, with the UFC star collapsing in the ground in agony.

Chris Weidman injury update: What happened to Chris Weidman at UFC 261?

The incident was eerily similar to what happened in Weidman’s December 2013 fight with Anderson Silva at UFC 168. However, in that fight, it was the Spider who broke his leg in two after throwing a leg kick at Weidman.


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Chris Weidman video: Chris Weidman injury update

As soon as Weidman fell on the mat, the referee ended the bout, with the medical team rushing into the octagon to check on the 36-year-old. Weidman was quickly placed on a stretcher and was rushed to the hospital, where he was stabilised and underwent emergency surgery. A day later, Weidman’s wife, Marivi, took to social media and reassured fans by sharing a picture of her husband post surgery.

Chris Weidman video: Marivi thanks Dana White and team

In the long statement she posted on her Instagram page, Marivi Weidman thanked Dana White and team for their quick action. She also thanked fans for supporting her family in a hard time by sharing their good wishes and prayers for Weidman’s health.


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Uriah Hall vs Chris Weidman: Hall on Weidman’s injury

After Weidman broke his legs, Uriah Hall was awarded the victory, a win he didn’t want. Hall told Joe Rogan at the post-fight interview that he has nothing but respect for Chris Weidman and his team. “It is a crazy story that he was the first man I fought that defeated me, that introduced me to fear. … I wanted to put on a great performance. I feel so bad for him. I hope he’s OK. I wish the family well. It’s the sucky part of this sport. … I hope he recovers,” he added.

Uriah Hall vs Chris Weidman: Will Weidman return to UFC?

Weidman is yet to make a comment on his injury, with many claiming that the veteran might not come back at all. Weidman will turn 37 in June, but is known for being resilient. Many UFC fighters also wish for Weidman to make a complete recovery and return to the octagon as soon as possible.

Image Source: Marivi Weidman/ Instagram

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