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Verstappen Vs Hamilton: Toto Wolff Predicts Another Crash At Abu Dhabi GP

Verstappen vs Hamilton: Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff predicts a crash at the last race in Abu Dhabi could decide the fate of the championship.

Verstappen vs Hamilton

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Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff predicts another crash for title rivals Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton which could take place at the last race in Abu Dhabi to decide the fate of the championship. As things stand in the F1 Drivers' Championship with five races to go, the Red Bull Racing driver (287.5) currently leads the Mercedes F1 driver (275.5) by just 12 points.

While the Verstappen vs Hamilton rivalry has been extremely intense throughout the F1 season, the duo has also made contact with each other on two previous occasions. The Dutchman and the Brit crashed into each other at the British and the Italian Grand Prix this year. 

Wolff believes Verstappen vs Hamilton title battle could end with a crash

While speaking to the Daily Mail, Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff said that if the Verstappen vs Hamilton rivalry came to the last race in Abu Dhabi, then whoever is in front will try their best to replicate the 'Senna-Prost years.' The Austrian was referencing the infamous crash between Ayrton Senna and Alan Prost at the 1990 Japanese Grand Prix that helped the Brazilian win the championship. Wolff then gave the example of the crash at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza to explain his point.

The Mercedes F1 boss said that Verstappen took Hamilton out at Monza because he was about to overtake and was also quicker than him. However, he did make it clear that he understands the desperate move by both racers. Wolff added that if drivers are racing for the championship and they see 'it fading away because the other guy is overtaking you, what tool have you got other than the one that makes sure he can't overtake?'

Meanwhile, the two title rivals also had a controversial collision on the first lap of the British Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton went on to win the race despite serving a 10-second penalty for the incident, with Max Verstappen being forced to retire from the race.

The Mercedes F1 boss then also explained why he does not believe one can or wants to control the intense rivalry between the two championship rivals. The Austrian said that no one wants 'to control it because they are the gladiators in their machines.' He ended the interview by stating that such rivalries are what make the sport 'so interesting' as spectators are 'intrigued' to see how the relationship between the two title protagonists unfolds.

(Image: AP)

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