VIRAL: 15 Year-old Norwegian Table Tennis Player Invents Unbelievable Shot

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Christopher Chen has become a viral sensation after the youngster invented a rather usual shot during a Norwegian Division 2 championship match.

Written By Dylan Dsouza | Mumbai | Updated On:

You will not see a shot like this again! Norway's Christopher Chen has become a viral sensation after the youngster invented a rather usual shot which has taken social media by storm.

The young paddler almost earned a point while laying on the ground and without seeing the table. This moment from a match of the Norwegian Division 2 championship played between Christopher Chen and Ronny Solvoll has certainly become the highlight of the decade.

Though Chen, was victorious at the end of the match, but it was his bizarre shot that has become a major talking point. The rally between the two players has been watched by over 1 million users online since it was first posted by the Norwegian sports club Trondheim Bordtennisklubb.

This incident took place in the first set when Chen found himself on the backfoot after trailing 10-4, courtesy of some power hitting from his opponent. With the constant pressure applied by Ronny Solvoll, the 15-year-old did the unthinkable as he happened to end up under the table to block a shot.

This is when the moment of magic was born after Chen out of nowhere stuck his paddle up while still sitting on the deck. Interestingly, his opponent shot struck Chen's paddle to rebound out perfectly and land on the other side of the table, leaving it almost out of reach of a stunned Ronny Solvoll.

However, Ronny Solvoll did well to react in time and sent out an outstretched hand to return a dipping shot onto Chen's table, which landed on the edge of the table. Ronny Solvoll had the last laugh, but he showed a great sense of sportsmanship to acknowledge the brilliance of his young counterpart.

Speaking after the match, Chen admitted being lucky to be not penalized because table tennis rules prevents players from making any contact with the net or table with their hands while making a return.

There was no doubt luck. It’s once in a lifetime and I’m unable to do that again. I’m 99 per cent sure,'' the teenager was quoted as saying by Norway’s NRK.

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