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What Did Brett Favre Say? NFL Icon Slammed For comments On Derek Chauvin-George Floyd Case

What did Brett Favre say about the Derek Chauvin-George Floyd case? NFL icon faces backlash on social media for comments on Derek Chauvin.

what did Brett Favre say

On Wednesday, 11-time Pro Bowler Brett Favre shared his thoughts on the Derek Chauvin verdict and claimed that he finds it “hard to believe” that the former Minneapolis police officer intended to kill George Floyd during Floyd’s arrest last year. However, the former NFL quarterback was slammed on social media for his comments on the ex-cop. Chauvin was found guilty on all three charges from the death of Floyd back in May 2020.

What did Brett Favre say about Derek Chauvin? 

During the latest episode of the “Bolling With Favre” podcast, Hall of Famer Brett Favre said that he doesn’t believe Chauvin intentionally killed Floyd. Favre admitted that he wasn't defending Chauvin in any way but added, "I find it hard to believe – and I’m not defending Derek Chauvin in any way – I find it hard to believe, first of all, that he intentionally meant to kill George Floyd."

"That being said, his actions were uncalled for. I don’t care what colour the person is on the street. You do not … I don’t know what led to that video that we saw where his knee is on his neck, but the man had thrown in the towel,” added the former Green Bay Packers QB.

Brett Favre comments on Derek Chauvin anger fans on social media 

Favre's comments on Derek Chauvin clearly didn't sit well with people on social media and the NFL great was slammed by many. On Twitter, one wrote, "Maybe it’s time to stop asking Brett Favre his opinion on things.” Another added, "I thought we all agreed to stop listening to Brett Favre.” A third commented, "Does Brett Favre come with a mute button?"

Last week, Favre waded into the heated discourse around Floyd’s death just one week after saying he wanted politics out of sports. He said last week that he believed the involvement of politics in athletics has hurt games and that he agrees with those who have decided to stop watching sports. On Wednesday, Favre defended his comments and said, "I just gave my opinion. I’m certainly not a racist in spite of what some people might think, and you know, I’m for unity and I just feel like there’s a better way to unify our country. Nevertheless, I agree that a lot of these things need to stop."

Brett Favre NFL career and honours

Favre was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in the second round with the 33rd overall pick in the 1991 NFL Draft. On July 19, 1991, he agreed to a three-year, $1.4 million contract with a reported signing bonus of $350,000. He then joined the Packers the following year. 

During his 16 seasons with Green Bay, he led the team to 11 playoff runs, seven division titles, four NFC Championship Games, two consecutive Super Bowl appearances, and one championship title in Super Bowl XXXI. He had stints with the Jets and the Vikings before calling it quits in 2010. 

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