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What Happened To Julija Stoliarenko? UFC Star Nearly COLLAPSES 'Twice' During Weigh In

What happened to Julija Stoliarenko? During her weigh-in before her fight with Julia Avila, the 27-year-old collapsed twice before the bout was called off.

what happened to Julija Stoliarenko

Julija Stoliarenko – UFC's women's bantamweight fighter – fainted while attempting to weigh in before her fight with Julia Avila on Saturday. The 27-year-old fainted twice while the weigh-in was being conducted, eventually forcing UFC to call off her bout against Avila. The 'What Happened to Julija Stoliarenko?" query was answered by the fighter herself via her Instagram account. 

UFC news: What happened to Julija Stoliarenko? 

Julija Stoliarenko latest: UFC fighter collapses during weigh in

As the weigh-in began, Stoliarenko stepped onto the scales, standing for a few moments before she stepped back and lost her balance. She completely stepped off the scale, falling on the backdrop as she literally collapsed to the ground. Aid immediately rushed to her, trying to help her regain her footing. 

However, she ended up getting back up on the scale, even making weight at 135.5 pounds. However, she nearly collapsed again, after which she managed to sit up and drink water before being taken away on a stretcher. The fight was cancelled after that, as headlines of the 'UFC fighter collapses during weigh in' started doing the rounds. 

Julija Stoliarenko health update

Later, Stoliarenko posted a video on her IG account, providing an explanation about the weigh-in. She explained that the reason for her fainting was that she made weight too early. She was on the weight required for her division for a long time, and had gone for a long time without actually being able to rehydrate, and that is what happened to Julija Stoliarenko. 

"As everybody knows when you cut weight, you cannot be on this weight for too long, because you're already on the limits of your dehydration and so on," she said. "That was an issue why it all happened". 

Avila posted about the fight being cancelled on her Instagram account. "Unfortunately, my fight has been cancelled. My opponent fainted twice on the scales," she wrote, hoping for a speedy recovery for her opponent. She then proceeded to thank her fans, hoping for everyone to be healthy and safe. Avila also posted a photo of herself, indicating the cancelled fight with a thumbs down and a frown. 

UFC news: Fans react to Julija Stoliarenko health update

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