WWE Clash Of Champions: Kofi Beats Orton; Retains The WWE Championship

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On Sunday, at the WWE Clash of Champions Pay-per-view, Kofi Kingston defended his WWE Championship against Randy Orton. Read more for details of what happened

Written By Mrigank Pandey | Mumbai | Updated On:
wwe clash of champions

On Sunday, at the WWE Clash of Champions Pay-per-view, Kofi Kingston defended his WWE Championship against Randy Orton. Randy and Kofi have been feuding for the WWE Championship for a while now. At SummerSlam, Orton tried to intimidate Kingston's family by beating Kofi in front of them, but a triggered Kofi beat Randy up while both of them were counted out. Kofi and Randy got involved with each other at the Madison Square Garden SmackDown, last week, with Kofi leaving Randy on the floor in the middle of a broken table. 

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A Slow Beginning

The match was being referred to as a rivalry that had been in the making for 10 years as Orton taunted Kofi that he does not have any skill today, just like he never had any skill when they faced each other in 2009. The match had a slow start as both superstars were cautious of letting the momentum slide in the opponent's advantage. Orton soon picked up pace as he started attacking Kofi and leaving him gasping for breath. Randy even taunted the crowd a few times in the middle of affairs. Kofi soon picked up the pace and exploded on the Legend Killer.

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Exchange In Momentum

After getting some momentum, Kofi tried the Trouble In Paradise on Orton who reversed it into a backbreaker. Randy then tried attacking Kofi, but Kofi reversed it into an SOS out of nowhere, leaving Orton distraught. Kofi attempted a pin, but Orton kicked out. Orton then tried to RKO Kofi, but Kofi avoided that as well. The match went on with Randy finally landing an RKO on Kofi. At that point, the match was anything but over, as Randy attempted the pin on Kofi, but Kofi used his presence of mind and put one of his feet on the rope.

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A Quick End

As Kofi was trying to recover, Randy was ready to put Kofi out of his misery by delivering a punt kick to his head. Kofi saw Orton coming and pulled out at the last second leaving Orton confused. Orton approached Kofi for a Powerslam, but Kofi avoided that and delivered a Trouble In Paradise to Orton, getting the pin on him and retaining his WWE Championship. Kofi continues to be the reigning WWE Champion, and it will be interesting to see what happens between Orton and Kofi on Tuesday's  SmackDown. What did you think of the match? How long do you predict Kofi keeping the championship? Let us know in the comments. Have a great day!

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