WWE: From Hardy Boyz To D-Generation X, Top 5 Tag Teams Of All Time

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WWE has witnessed some great Tag Team duos. From the Attitude era to recent times, Tag Teams have held an integral part in the WWE culture. Here are the top 5

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WWE has witnessed some great Tag Team duos. From the Attitude era to recent times, Tag Teams have held an integral part in the WWE culture. Here are the top 5 tag teams that not only defined the Tag Team Championship but also immortalised the wrestlers for good. These teams are some of the most famous tag-team duos in the WWE.

WWE: 5 Best Tag Teams of all Time

1.      D-Generation X

Spanning 13 years, D-Generation X was the brainchild of Shawn Michaels and Triple H. In 1997, HBK and The Game brought their backstage friendship in front of the cameras. After eight years apart, the band got back together in 2006. As former multi-time WWE Champions, DX was more powerful than ever and brandished their logo on the WWE headquarters in Connecticut and on Mr. McMahon’s corporate jet. In 2009, Michaels and Triple H went on to win their first WWE Tag Team Championships together.

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2.      The Brothers of Destruction

As vicious as these two brothers’ sibling rivalry can be, the aggression is doubled during those stints when they joined forces as the feared ‘Brothers of Destruction’. The duos in the locker room learned to fear the moments where the bros saw eye to eye. The Deadman and The Devil’s Favorite Demon captured three separate tag team titles and were also the team to unify the WWE and WCW Tag Team Championships, devouring DDP and Kanyon at SummerSlam 2001 inside of a steel cage.

3.      The Rock 'N' Sock Connection

One was a scruffy head case in a leather mask who spoke to a sock. The other was an immaculately groomed colossus who dressed in the finest materials and adorned his wrists with gold. The Rock ‘N’ Sock Connection, won the WWE Tag Team Championships in their very first match. In a matter of months, the odd couple had three runs with the titles and inspired record numbers of viewers to turn on Raw.

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4.      The Hardy Boyz

Hardy’s, the high-flying daredevils who risked life and limb in pursuit of tag team glory at the apex of the “Attitude Era.” Matt and Jeff Hardy were part of the six-headed rivalry along with Edge & Christian and The Dudley Boyz that gave birth to the Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match, where they pioneered the modern use of the ladder. The reckless abandon with which they practised their craft won the brothers numerous tag titles.

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5.      Edge & Christian

Edge and Christian went from school hallways in Toronto to quite literally climbing the ladder of success in WWE. Edge and Christian won seven World Tag Team Championships, the first in a Ladder Match against The Hardys at WrestleMania 2000. They defeated both The Hardys and Dudley Boyz in the first-ever TLC Match at SummerSlam and were victorious in a rematch at WrestleMania. The match was hailed by many as the greatest Tag Team match in WWE history. The long-standing animosity between the three duos consistently resulted in Edge and Christian supremacy and solidified the team as not just fun and games, but a bonafide force to be reckoned with. Edge and Christian were the arrogant jerks you loved to hate, especially as they revolutionised Tag Team wrestling for generations to come

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