WWE Raw: Best Kayfabe Moments And Matches Of WWE Raw Till Now

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WWE Raw is one of the most viewed and popular sports entertainment programs. Raw has successfully completed 27 years. Know about some of the best incidents

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Since 1993, WWE Raw has emerged as one of the biggest names in the Sports Entertainment industry. The WWE Universe has shocked the world with some of the best moments. While hardcore wrestling fans or MMA fans often criticise WWE for its staged incidents, there is a huge fanbase that loves getting surprises from WWE. Unpredictability is a major element in any form of interesting sport and Kayfabe incidents just does it prominently. All Elite Wrestling (AEW), Impact Wrestling (IW) and many more Pro Wrestling organisations have been incepted with time but when it comes to commercial success and popularity, nothing comes close to WWE Raw.


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What is Kayfabe Wrestling?

Kayfabe refers to acting in simple terms. It is the process of display of events as ‘real’ which are actually pre-planned and staged. A wrestler in WWE plays a character that may not be his real-life personality, for instance, Kane plays the role of a Corporate Demon and Mark William Calaway plays the role of The Undertaker inside the WWE ring. However, this kayfabe performances has made Raw matches interesting and of the most viewed sports entertainment program around the globe.

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BEST WWE Raw Kayfabe incidents

Brock Lesnar destroying Seth Rollin’s car

After winning the Heavyweight belt at Wrestlemania 31, Seth Rollins flaunted his new car in the next episode of Raw. Seth was a heel at that moment and was having a day of his life until Lesnar came it. Brock ferociously broke Rollin’s brand new Cadillac in front of a massive Raw crowd. The crowd absolutely loved it and Lesnar’s image as a beast in the ring remained untouchable.

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Snoop Dog and Hulk Hogan returns

The world-famous rapper Snoop Dog entered the WWE ring with veteran Hulk Hogan which is still one of the most iconic moments in Raw. Snoop Dog beat Chavo Guerero which absolutely makes no sense but the crowd loved it. The WWE Hall of Fame Snoop Dog is a favourite part of the WWE family. Snoop has often been a part in WWE stories and crowd goes crazy when Snoop is used in storylines.

Wayne Rooney slaps Wade Barret

The English Football legend Wayne Rooney is known for his superb goals and great trophies but when it comes to WWE, Rooney has slapped and actually made a WWE star rumble on the floor. British wrestler Wade Barret got indulged in a heated up conversation with Rooney. Rooney was a mere audience in that episode of WWE Raw but once things went out of control, Rooney slapped Barret making the crowd go “This is Awesome”. The football legend hitting a WWE star in an episode WWE Raw became one of the most significant incidents of WWE history.

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