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Goldberg Congratulated Braun Strowman After Title Match At WrestleMania 36

After their title match at WrestleMania 36, WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg hugged Braun Strowman backstage and praised him for his performance.

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At WrestleMania 36, Braun Strowman shocked the world as he defeated Hall of Famer Goldberg to be crowned the new WWE Universal Champion. However, the initial plans for the PPV were entirely different as WWE wanted Roman Reigns to wrestle the Universal title away from Goldberg. Braun Strowman replaced Roman Reigns after The Big Dog pulled out of the PPV just a couple of days before the event because of personal reasons and went on a long hiatus.

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Later, it was revealed that Roman Reigns himself called Braun Strowman and asked him to do his best at the PPV against Goldberg. Recently, on the latest episode of WWE’s Chronicle, fans can see how Goldberg reacted after losing his title to The Monster. After the Universal title match, Goldberg hugged Braun Strowman backstage and lauded his performance. The Hall of Famer told Strowman that he deserved the win and it was a long time coming.

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WrestleMania 36: Braun Strowman survives Goldberg's onslaught for the win

The Universal Championship match between the two powerhouses was extremely short. As soon as the bell rang, Goldberg countered Braun Strowman’s Running Powerslam and hit him with three Spears for a near-fall. Goldberg then executed a fourth Spear and attempted to deliver a Jackhammer, but Braun Strowman recovered and delivered three Powerslams. He then delivered a Running Powerslam to the Hall of Famer to win the Universal title for the first time, which was his first world championship.

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After the PPV, Braun Strowman became the face of WWE SmackDown as he defeated a host of superstars to retain his title, including Shinsuke Nakamura, Bray Wyatt, John Morrison and others. However, he went on to lose the title to ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt at WWE SummerSlam, which was later won by Roman Reigns. The Monster is currently not a part of any major feud but is scheduled to face Dabba-Kato in the upcoming segment of RAW Underground. There is speculation that Braun Strowman would win the match and go on to continue his feud with Bray Wyatt which started almost three months ago.

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