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Drew McIntyre Challenges Randy Orton To An Ambulance Match Before Facing Keith Lee On RAW

Drew McIntyre added a stipulation to his upcoming title match against Randy Orton. The WWE Champion challenged The Viper to an Ambulance match.

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On the latest episode of WWE RAW, Drew McIntyre added a stipulation to his upcoming title match against Randy Orton. The WWE Champion challenged The Viper to an Ambulance match at Clash of Champions 2020. On the show, Drew McIntyre also faced Keith Lee in a singles match, but as the match was about to end, the two superstars were attacked by Retribution. The WWE RAW segment hyped up the ongoing Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton while also bumping Keith Lee’s in-ring character, who’s yet to be defeated in a singles match via pinfall or submission.

According to various reports, WWE is thinking of stretching the Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton storyline for months, so they can let The Viper win the WWE Championship at Clash of Champions 2020. There is speculation that Keith Lee and Drew McIntyre could clash again in the future to get a title shot, where Drew McIntyre would come out on top. Drew McIntyre could then go on to defeat Randy Orton in a major PPV to win back his title.

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WWE RAW results: Drew McIntyre challenges Randy Orton to an Ambulance match

Drew McIntyre opened the show, remembering last week’s events where he hit Randy Orton with three Claymores. He continued to slam Randy Orton before challenging him to an Ambulance match at Clash of Champions. WWE official Adam Pearce then entered the ring and announced that The Viper is not healthy enough to appear on the show and he may not participate in the upcoming PPV. He then explained that if Randy Orton does not compete at Clash of Champions and Keith Lee defeats Drew McIntyre in the main event, then The Limitless One would face McIntyre at the PPV.

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Keith Lee then made his way to the ring with a smile on his face. He shook Drew McIntyre’s hand but didn't let go, pulling McIntyre in for a staredown to end the segment. Later on the show, Keith Lee interrupted Drew McIntyre’s backstage interview and started slamming the champion. The two started trading words which led to a brawl. Adam Pearce forced the two superstars to break it up and asked them to wait until the main event.

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WWE RAW results: Drew McIntyre vs Keith Lee ends in a No-Contest

As soon as the bell rang, Keith Lee targeted Drew McIntyre’s injured jaw but the WWE Champion recovered and fought back. Drew McIntyre tried to hit Keith Lee with a Claymore but The Limitless One ducked and grabbed the WWE Champion to deliver a Spirit Bomb. However, McIntyre jumped out and the two started going back and forth. Right then, Retribution hit the ring and attacked McIntyre and Lee, ending the match in a No-Contest. The newly found group punished the two superstars before The Hurt Business came in for the save. Bobby Lashley and team bested Retribution before Drew McIntyre and Keith Lee joined Hurt Business to deliver the punishment.

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