Amidst Raging Debates, Zomato Shares “Food For Thought” Detailing Food Tags Placed On Food Types, Tweet Goes Viral Rapidly 


Zomato's stance has also come under equal criticism from both patrons as well as a large section of netizens.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

Zomato has now come out with a “food for thought” post on Twitter types of food tags imposed on the food and these tags, according to the online food ordering/delivery application (app) are Jain Food, Vegan Food, Navrathra Thalis, and others as well. This insight from the app has no gone viral on social media. Zomato states that it does not yet display the Jhatka meat tag due to the absence of organized units for jhatka meat, and an apparent arising authentication gap, and that the halal tag is a result of restaurants’ initiatives for their food to be identified that way. It also stated that it was open to putting jhatka meat tags in the future.

Zomato’s "food for thought" 

At this point in time, with debates raging on a recent order placed and then cancelled on Zomato, it becomes imperative to check out the app’s tweet on the different food tags that its patrons have seen and can potentially continue to witness: 


The above tweet went viral instantly with Twitterati coming out with varied insights on Zomato’s food tags; check out certain reactions below,: 









 In this regard, it is important to remember that there have been equal reactions from netizens critical of Zomato; with a section of Twitterati also calling for boycotting of Uber Eats (campaign trending by the name #BoycottUberEats) for the latter’s support to Zomato’s stand on the raging controversy over a patron’s choice of delivery partner.  

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