Apex Legends PC: 5 Best Guns Which Could Enhance Battle-Royale Gameplay


Check out 5 best guns - across categories, for inflicting maximum damage on enemies in Apex Legends.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

Apex Legends, which was launched with relatively no fanfare very recently clocked 25 million players within a week of being launched. If you are one amongst the 25 million players, then it would not hurt to check out the effective weapons that the game has to offer.

Out of all the weapons, in-game guns are certainly the most notable; in this regard, check out the guns that we think are potentially amongst the A-listers with respect to both inflicting damage on enemies as well as ease of use:

  • The Wingman pistol: This weapon has been recommended by almost all of the top Apex Legends tipsters and gaming experts across the world. Renowned gaming tipster going by the moniker of Jackfrags on YouTube also recommends the Wingman and states that the damage inflicted on enemies could go as high as 45X if aimed appropriately. During our gameplay, we also found the Wingman to be an effective weapon for the early adapters with its biggest USP being its robustness and its ability to fire intense rounds of bullets.
  • The M600 Spitfire: This machine gun could inflict 20X base damage, with double the headshot damage in case appropriately aimed (and fired). The Spitfire literally spits fire due to the fact that it is capable of shelling out bullets with comparatively increased intensity when compared to other machine guns having a similar prototype.
  • Prowler Burst PDW: This sub-machine gun could inflict intense damage in both baseline as well as headshot angles. USP of this weapon is its heavy firing ability that knocks down enemies relatively quickly. The Prowler seems custom made for short-range combat.
  • The Longbow: This sniper seems custom-made for mid, long-range combats. The headshot damage inflicted by the Longbow is comparatively higher - a requirement for long-range combats. This uses (and shells out) heavy ammo.
  • The Alternator: The Alternator is useful in short-range combats;’ though not effective as the M600 Spitfire, the Alternator's USP is that it shells out bullets alternatively via its twin barrels. The ammo type it uses (and fires) is light ammo.

Here, it is worth noting that it is still early days, as far as Apex Legends is concerned, the above weapons could also be replaced by newer ones which could potentially inflict increased damage. Hence do feel free to add to the list, with your own weapon choices.

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