Different “Grips” In PUBG And How To Deploy These Effectively Across Any Update


Check out different “Grips” in PUBG and how to deploy these effectively across any update .

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)which has recently seen the Update 30. Even at this stage, the gripping mechanism are vital to know because these allow for a comparatively enhanced gaming experience for players across all variants of PUBG – including MPUBG Mobile and the newest PUBG Lite beta (that is now in India). In this regard, check out below easy ways to achieve that perfect grip in PUBG whilst checking out the different types of grips that could be deployed – more so in update 30, as recommended by expert PUBG players:   

Deploying the Half Grip: A Half Grip grip technically enables a reduction in recoil hence enabling players to take better shots at the enemies. Vertical recoil is minimized to a great extent, along with substantial reduction in horizontal recoil mechanism as well.   It is recommended by players to use the half grip with weapons like UMP9, AUG A3, and the Vector.  


Deploying the Vertical Grip:  This is custom-made for guns like the Beryl M762 and Tommy Gun. It is noted for offering effective weapon stability making it easy for players to handle guns during bursts. 

Angled Grip – This offers better ADS speed. Custom-made for SMGs and ARs. 


Light Grip:  USP of deploying the light grip is that it offers stability whilst handling guns like Vector and UMP 9 but comes with high recoil. Experts opine that in case players are caught off-guard in close quarter combats, then deploying a light grip would be of very little use. 

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