FaceApp Users And Loyalists Beware! There Is A Fake FaceApp-Like App On The Prowl That Induces Adware On Your Devices 


There is seemingly a fake FaceApp-like adware cyber-threat on the prowl.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

FaceApp, over which intense concerns about user privacy and user data have surfaced, folks may need to check on a fake application (app) that masquerades as a certified FaceApp version and tricks users to install malware within their mobile devices. This threat has now been claimed to have identified by eSecurity firm Kaspersky.  

This threat, induced by the fake FaceApp application, is an adware called MobiDash that is said to trigger advertisements more than the tolerable levels of human beings. This adware, triggered through the non-genuine FaceApp-like application (usually from untrusted download sources) is said to have been encountered already by 500 unique users over a two-day period, with the first instances of the adware reportedly surfacing on 7 July.  

“Our previous study even uncovered that the majority (63%) of consumers do not read license agreements and 43% just tick all privacy permissions when they are installing new apps,” states Kaspersky. 

The Modus Operandi 

The operations of this “fake FaceApp” app goes about with the MobiDash module masquerading as popular services coaxing users to download them.  The only mechanism to combat this threat is to avoid downloading apps/services from unknown/untrustworthy sources.  

This obviously means that there would be a degree of difficulty involved in detecting MobiDash – but users should initiate that extra push to keep self-assessed cybersecurity going.  

As far as FaceApp is concerned, the app has seemingly swept popular bollywood actors as well. The celebrities have been using the app to find out how old they would look over a certain time period in the future. Very recently, actors such a Varun Dhawan even shared images of their “old-age avatars”.  

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