Flipkart Owner Walmart Enables Grocery Shopping Using Voice Commands With Google Assistant

Written By Tanmay Patange | Mumbai | Published:


  • Flipkart owner Walmart is teaming up with Google Assistant to introduce 'Walmart Voice Order.'
  • All you need to do is wake up the Google Assistant by saying "Ok Google, talk to Walmart."

Flipkart owner Walmart is teaming up with Google to introduce 'Walmart Voice Order.' This partnership will enable Walmart customers to buy groceries with any Google Assistant-enabled device including smartphone and Google Home smart speaker.

What is Walmart Voice Order all about?

In a recent blog post, Walmart has tried what 'Walmart Voice Order' is all about, as well as its future scope and direction into retail shopping space.

"With the new voice ordering capabilities we’re building across platforms with partners like Google, we’re helping customers simply say the word to have Walmart help them shop … literally," said Walmart.

Hence, it's pretty clear that Walmart wants users to buy things using voice commands without having to go through its website. Walmart has also released a short video clip of how Walmart Voice Order is going to work.

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Walmart Voice Order: How it works

Placing an order on Walmart using voice commands seems pretty easy. All you need to do is wake up the Google Assistant by saying "Ok Google, talk to Walmart."

For example, Walmart demonstrated how you can order using voice commands:

You: "Ok Google, talk to Walmart. Add orange juice to my cart."

Google Assistant: "Hi [your name]. I can get you Tropicana orange juice for $5.18."

Walmart says it will use the Assistant's AI and machine learning capabilities and learn more about your buying habits. For example, if you frequently buy Tide detergent soap, you don't always have to say "Ok Google, talk to Walmart. Add Tide detergent soap to my cart." After a certain period, only "detergent" should suffice.

This makes sense for a few reasons. The more you rely on Walmart Voice Order, the less you are likely to order things from Walmart competitors. Plus, you can save yourself some time in the end at the expense of revealing your buying habits to Google.

Is Flipkart next to introduce voice order?

Walmart owns Flipkart, one of the major e-commerce players in India. Right now, we don't know whether Walmart is looking to introducing something for Flipkart in India.