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Gaana VS Spotify: Learn The Difference Between The Two Streaming Services

Gaana vs Spotify is what many users have been comparing in order to learn which is the best service for them. Check out the difference between the two here.

gaana vs spotify

The time and generation have changed immensely, and the days of downloading songs off some websites are long gone. Now people have turned to stream services and many streaming services such as Gaana, Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube music and more are at the disposal of the people to try out. Numerous users want to compare Gaana and Spotify. Here's a comparison:

Gaana vs Spotify

The main difference between Gaana and Spotify is one is an Indian company and the other is from Sweden. Gaana has been in India for some time now and Spotify has just recently entered the market. To properly compare Gaana and Spotify, the user will have to go through everything these two streaming services have to offer in their respective price point. Check out the full comparison of Gaana vs Spotify below:


  • Price is important, every user wants to learn how much money will they be removing from their wallets for their streaming services. Spotify costs INR 13 for one day, INR 118 for one month, and INR 1,189 for one year. Gaana costs INR 99 monthly and INR 999 yearly.

Free version

  • Both Gaana and Spotify have free versions of their applications. These free versions can be used to play songs and go through playlists, but the user will have to go through a lot of ads.

User Base

  • One of the key differences between Gaana and Spotify is the user base, Spotify has just entered the Indian market, but has been available in other regions before Gaana was released. Gaana has 200 Million subscribers and Spotify has 350 million subscribers.

Music Collection

  • Spotify has a massive music collection and curates playlists according to the user’s tastes and activity. Gaana also has a big music collection, but one place that it trumps Spotify that it has better language support, Gaana provides the users with songs in 21 different languages and Spotify provides 7.

Podcast Support

  • In terms of podcasts both Gaana and Spotify have a huge library for users to pick from. Gaana has a plethora of tailor-made podcasts in various Indie languages palatable to Indian consumers. Meanwhile, Spotify is partnering with WordPress to translate written content directly into podcasts through its podcast creator platform Anchor. This move will enable new ways to reach wider audiences.

Paid Subscription

  • Users will have almost the same range of features in the paid versions of the applications. Both applications will provide Unlimited offline downloads, HD music, and Ad-free streaming. Spotify will also provide curated playlists for the users according to their tastes and preferences. 
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