Google Assistant Is Coming To Android Messages, Here’s How It Differs From Allo


Google is bringing the Assistant to Android messages. Therefore, the standard text messaging (SMS) app will soon work with Google Assistant.

Written By Tanmay Patange | Mumbai | Updated On:

Google Assistant, the company’s AI-powered personalised virtual assistant, is expanding into more products and services. Although the feature was initially made available in English, it will soon go live for all Assistant phone languages. Weeks after Google added the Assistant to Maps, the company announced they are bringing the Assistant to Android messages. Therefore, the standard text messaging (SMS) app will soon work with Google Assistant.

However, this is not Google’s first attempt to integrate the Assistant into text messaging. Previously, Google did the same thing to Allo and if you remember Allo, this entire scenario will be more or less familiar to you. Infact, Google Assistant was the biggest highlight of the Google Allo app.

How will it be different than Allo

Many of you must be wondering that now if we are going to see yet another messaging app from Google with built-in AI “Assistant,” how is it really different from Allo. Well, if you recall, Google Allo was also about letting users chat with a special Assistant bot, which was a good concept. But perhaps the excess gamification was not enough for Google to keep users engaged with Allo or maybe it was something that most users were not interested in the first place.

Anyway, Google has already decided to pull the plug on Allo by next month. But it surely gave the company a much-needed opportunity to learn from Allo and make sure Android Messages app doesn’t meet the same fate.

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Therefore, Android Messages app will only treat Google Assistant as an additional layer of smarts instead of incorporating the whole ‘special Assistant bot’ mumbo jumbo.

Features of Google Assistant in Android Messages

Once available, Google Assistant will automatically show suggestions based on your conversations. For example, let’s say you are a conversation with someone about weather, movies or restaurants, the Assistant will provide users with suggestions accordingly.

Google has plans to expand its feature set over time, reports TechCrunch. It remains to be seen how Google uses the data it learns and collects from your conversation. However, we can expect Google to provide you with better, refined results on tour Assistant cards based on your conversations.

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