Google Maps New Update For Android Now Displays ETA During Bus Journeys As Well, Live Train Status, And New Auto Rickshaw Mode 


Google Maps for Android now shows multi-mode navigation options.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

Google Maps (popularly called GPS) updates are always interesting and this time around the popular utility has received as many as 3 new feature updates and this includes displaying near accurate Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) in case you travel by city buses as well. Like in car/two-wheeler navigation modes, you could use the bus travel times in live traffic.  

To check out the new bus travel times and to calculate ETA in bus journeys, navigate to transit options after you enter your journey details and you would be able to view your journey times in real-time traffic conditions. This update is currently live in as many as 10 Indian cities including the likes of Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, and Mysore.  

The bus travel time feature update to Google Maps should serve handy to intra-city travellers usually preferring public transport (city buses) for commute between home and work and vice-versa.  

Live train status, and find train feature 

The next update to Google Maps concerns train journeys, and with this, you could find out trains between two points and the current status of these trains including that of the train being on time and delay status. This should be useful generally for last-minute travellers.  

Auto-rickshaws mixed-and-matched with public transport 

When you check out the distance between two points, Google Maps would also show you autorickshaw + alternative modes of transport along with that of public transport. You could choose to mix-and-match different travel modes while you journey between two points. The details displayed in this new update would be the journey time by autorickshaws (taxis, including shared) and the distance along with the navigation. You could use these in combination with public transport as well. 

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