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Google Reveals There Was A Bug Within Chrome & Webview That Caused Apps To Crash In March

Google reveals there was a bug within Chrome & Webview that caused apps to crash in March 2021. Here is more information about it, read on to know.



Google has issued a statement clarifying what had caused several Android devices to crash last month. The company stated that it was due to a bug that users were experiencing difficulties in operating apps on the devices. Google also revealed how they fixed the problem and what are their plans for the future.

Google apps crashing: What had happened?

On March 22nd, 2021 numerous users had experienced a spike in the number of crashes occurring on some Android devices. Apps like Gmail, Amazon, Yahoo Mail, DuckDuckGo browser were seen crashing frequently. Google has revealed what they have figured the problem was.

 According to a statement issued by Google, it has been revealed that a bug had caused the apps to crash more frequently on certain Android devices. Moreover, the company claims that the bug within Chrome & WebView’s experiment and configuration technology had caused instability. Moreover, the bug incorporated Google WebView to surface web content.

How is Google fixing the problem?

In the same published report, Google has revealed that the fix required the distribution of updated binaries for Chrome and WebView. The new releases were made available for distribution via Google Play for automated and manual updates. Google also provided guidance to users who may have been impacted. The company issued a detailed post to the Android Help Center’s community forum. Users can check out the same by clicking here.

Apart from this, Google also revealed the upcoming improvements from their end. The notice read,

We will improve our change management and rollout policies to the WebView system component and its dependencies. We plan to:

Audit WebView and its related dependencies for production readiness. ● Implement a WebView ‘Safe Mode’ which will handle this class of configuration error and revert back to a known-good state. ● Improve our experiment testability and roll-out process. ● Accelerate the update mechanisms for Chrome and WebView via the Play store. ● Better communicate throughout incidents with our users, and provide commentary with our partners on impact and resolution status. Google is committed to quickly and continually improving our technology and operations to prevent service disruptions. We appreciate your patience and apologize again for any impact on your organization. We thank you for your business. Sincerely, The Google Workspace Team

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