How The Smartphones Have Evolved Over The Last Decade


The last decade was indeed top-notch for smartphones. Let’s take a look at the groundbreaking tech we saw this decade. Read more to know about the story.

Written By Aditya Vyas | Mumbai | Updated On:

The last decade was undoubtedly a game-changing decade for smartphone tech and its evolution. We’ve now seen some serious screen real estate, from notches to fully bezel-free phone (with popup cameras). There has also been a significant improvement in the quality of the cameras. This decade, we saw not only better, crisp camera quality but also additional lenses like telephoto and ultra-wide as well; and in some smartphones, we saw all of the three lenses like the iPhone 11 Pro.

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The last decade was indeed top-notch for smartphone tech. Flagships are becoming significantly better and are offering more utility. Let’s take a look at the groundbreaking tech we saw in the last decade. Below are some of the best tech upgrades that we saw this year that the smartphone companies made our lives easy with. 

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Smartphone cameras have, in a way, replaced professional cameras. With the groundbreaking tech of introducing three cameras in one single device - main, telephoto and ultra-wide, smartphone brands have proven that times are changing. We also saw some serious night mode technology which makes clicking photos at night a lot better. Apple changed the game by introducing three cameras and also a better version of night mode. 


In 2012, we saw phones with chunky bezels, which did not look aesthetically appealing and also did not provide screen real estate for the user. Now, with the introduction of notches, screen to body ratio is getting significantly higher, offering more display for the consumers. Some smartphone companies are even dropping the notch completely, like OnePlus. Also, with the introduction of OLED, and higher resolutions, screens are becoming much better every year. We also saw that this decade not only improved the screen resolution but also the refresh rate, for buttery smooth user experience.

We also saw the introduction of foldable phones. From prototypes to consumer sellable pieces, foldable phones have been failing miserably. But this promising technology is expected to take over the displays in the smartphone game soon.

In-display fingerprint

Last decade, we saw smartphone brands introduce fingerprint sensors on their devices. However, times changed when brands, with the help of their R&D, introduced in-display fingerprint sensors. And also, Samsung changed the game, and this is not just a gimmick when they introduced ultrasonic fingerprint sensor in their flagship devices. 

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