How To Convert JPG To PDF In Easy Steps: Learn To Convert Your JPG Files To PDF Files


Looking for a way to convert your jpg files to pdf files? Read about how you can convert your jpg files to pdf files in simple steps.

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The time has taken a turn and sharing files/documents has now become easier. Thanks to the continuous evolution of technology and the Internet. However, everything comes with its own pros and cons. Like every coin has two different sides, technology too has dubious consequences. While on one hand, it is extremely helpful, on the other, it is responsible for disastrous outcomes. 

Have you ever spared a thought over how with time sharing our documents with people all around is only a click away? However, not too many of us are aware that sharing our important documents in a JPG file can get really risky at times! The reason being, a JPG document can be easily edited and anyone can claim our documents as theirs. So, to stay away from the risks of online sharing of documents, it is crucial to take some precautions. 

Consider sharing your documents as PDF files. This is safer and equally convenient. You must now be wondering about, how to convert JPG to PDF? Here are the 3 basic steps you must follow to get rid of the struggle of converting a JPG file into a PDF.


  1. UPLOAD – If you are looking to convert your file, the first step in the process is to upload your file or document to the PDF converter that you find reliable. You can drag the file or simply choose it from the documents of your computer. 
  2. CONVERT – After you are finished uploading the file. The next step is to click on “convert”. This will result in converting your JPG file into PDF file as per your requirement. 
  3. DOWNLOAD – The next and the last step of the process involves downloading the file to your computer or any device that you are using. You can easily find PDF converters online that offer the facility of downloading the files free without any need of “signing up”. 

That is it!  Yes, you heard that right. Converting a JPG file to a PDF only involves the above-listed steps. Not only can you convert a JPG file, but these converters also allow you to convert PDF to JPG online for free. 


How converting JPG to PDF protects your documents? 

As discussed above, JPG and other similar files are easier to be modified. While, on the other hand, PDF files are comparatively more trusted and reliable. The receiver has no chances to modify the content of the document which means that you can be sure about the ‘protection’ of your file. 
Here are some of the ways how converting PNG to PDF can help you protect your documents while sharing them online, 


  1. No possible changes can be made – Unlike the JPG files, PDF files cannot be edited. To whomever you are sending the files, your documents are safe. The recipient, in no case, can make any changes and claim them as his/hers. However, you can find software that can facilitate the process of editing a PDF file but the editing process leaves a clear footprint over the original document. This, thus, protects the file anyhow. 
  2. Not everyone can access – One can easily protect his/her PDF file by setting passwords that restrict the unauthorized users from having a look at it or accessing the content of the files. Only the users, who are allowed, can open and view the PDF files unlike in the case of JPG files. 
  3. No malpractices – If you are sharing your documents as PDFs, you can be sure that there won’t be any malpractices taking place against the documents that you provide. The reason for the same is that a PDF file cannot be modified, edited or printed by anyone you share the file with. 

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How to convert JPG to PDF online? 

Now that you are aware of how PDF files are actually a good and safe source to share online, you must be pondering, how to convert JPG to PDF online?  Well, an ample number of PDF converters are present online to facilitate the process of converting the files. While some of these are ‘paid’ converters, others are ‘free’ as well. 
Once you get access to a converter, you just simply follow the easy 3 step procedure that involves UPLOAD, CONVERT AND DOWNLOAD (listed above). Executing these steps will result in converting your documents from a JPG file to a PDF alongside providing you with a number of alternative benefits that include, 


  1. Combining of files – Online converters give you an opportunity to combine files and use them as per your comfort. 
  2. Fill and Sign – Additionally, you can fill and sign the PDF without indulging in any extra efforts and hassles. 
  3. Organize pages – PDF converters also give you a chance to organize the pages in a manner that suits the best of your requirements. 
  4. Management – Sharing, tracking and managing files and documents become a piece of cake with the use of these online PDF converters. 

How to convert JPG to PDF offline?

Both Windows and Mac computers are stacked with in-built software which helps you convert JPG to PDF offline just in a couple of seconds.


  1. Method 1 - Choose any JPG image from your Microsoft Windows ‘Photos’ library, and click ‘Print’. Upon doing so, you see a dialog box that lets you select the printing settings to ‘Microsoft Printer to PDF’ on the drop down menu at the top left corner. Click ‘Print’, and save your PDF file on your desired device location.
  2. Method 2 – The ‘Preview App’ on your Mac’s Dock shall enable you to view and choose a JPG file. As soon as you open the file, click ‘File’ and then click ‘Print’. Choose ‘PDF’ from the drop-down menu on the bottom left corner of the dialog box, and proceed to save your PDF file with a new name in your desired device location.

Living in an era of ever-evolving technology, it is important to know the nitty-gritties of handling the same efficiently. In that light, you must be aware now onwards that document sharing is the safest only through PDFs. So, ensure keeping that in mind no matter what! 

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