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How To Get The Blue Eyes Filter On Instagram? Step By Step Process Inside

Wondering how to get the blue eyes filter on Instagram that has recently become very popular on social media? Read on to know the step by step process.

how to get the blue eyes filter on instagram

A new filter on Instagram has gotten very popular amidst the lockdown. It is one which changes the user’s eye colour to blue. As more and more people are trying the filter, here is how you can get the filter too on Instagram just by following these easy steps.

What is the 'Blue eyes' filter on Instagram?

Amid the coronavirus lockdown, many people have resorted to social media to cope up in these dark times. This gave way to social media apps coming up with interesting challenges and filters. Filters on Instagram help one see a changed version of themselves, like changing eye colour, putting freckles on the face, or showing wrinkles on the face.

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The blue eyes filter on Instagram is one such example that is keeping more and more people engaged. Blue eye colour is a rare feature found in people. This filter helps people quench their thirst for knowing how they would have looked with blue eyes, without even having to use coloured contact lenses.

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How to get the 'Blue Eyes' filter on Instagram?

Step one: Open your Instagram story from where you can choose/ click or upload pictures.

Step two: swipe right till you find the ‘browse effects’ icon.

Step three: search for ‘Blue Eyes’ filter.

Step Four: You will see many variations of the filter.

Step five: Choose the one you like and click a picture/ video of yourself.

Step six: Do not forget to save the picture.

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Alternate way:

  1. You can even go to the search bar from Explore and search for @Paigeskin, it is the user handle of the person who has created the filter.

  2. After opening the profile, click on the ‘Icon Filter’ which is like a Face Emoji.

  3. Tap on the Blue Eyes filter.

  4. Tap on ‘Try it’. Try the filter and you can save the story if you wish.

Disclaimer: @Paigeskin has made their profile private, so a user will have to follow the account in order to get access to the filter.

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