How To Stop People From Adding You To Random Groups On WhatsApp


How to customise WhatsApp group privacy controls: WhatsApp has finally much-awaited group privacy controls to let users decide who can add them to random groups on WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp has finally much-awaited group privacy controls to let users decide who can add them to random groups on WhatsApp. Before this, users had no control over who can add them to WhatsApp groups and anybody could add you to any WhatsApp group without your consent. Interestingly, WhatsApp has added this feature ahead of 2019 Indian General elections.

WhatsApp group happens to be one of the important aspects to let multiple users connect with each other. For example family, friends, coworkers, classmates, etc.

“As people turn to groups for important conversations, users have asked for more control over their experience,” WhatsApp said.

How to customise group privacy settings

WhatsApp has added several new group privacy settings to its app. These settings help users control who can add them to WhatsApp groups. We show you how to customise these settings.

  1. Update your WhatsApp. Go to Play Store and search for WhatsApp. Keep your WhatsApp up to date.
  2. Open WhatsApp.
  3. Now, go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups.
  4. You have three options to choose from: Everyone, My contacts and Nobody.
  5. Choose the option accordingly and hit ‘Done.’

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WhatsApp group privacy controls

Now that we know how to customise WhatsApp group privacy controls to allow or restrict people from adding you to groups, let’s see what these controls actually mean.

If you choose 'nobody,' you have to respond to every group joining request. In that case, the person inviting you to a group will be prompted to send a private invite through an individual chat. If you choose 'my contacts' option, anyone from your WhatsApp can add you to groups without your consent.

How to create WhatsApp group

  1. Go to WhatsApp.
  2. Tap ‘More options’ icon at the top right corner.
  3. Tap New Group and add participants.
  4. Type group subject and add a group icon.
  5. Tap the option ‘Done.’

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How to add people WhatsApp groups

You must be a group admin to be able to add someone:

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to your WhatsApp group chat window.
  2. Tap on the group name.
  3. Scroll down and find an option to ‘Add participants.’
  4. Additionally, you can invite people to your group using a link.
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