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Instagram Is Working On An 'Active Together' Feature: How Does It Work?

Instagram is working on a new feature that notifies users when their followers are active at the same time as them. Learn more about 'Active Together'.



Instagram is working on a new feature that lets you know when a specific follower is active/online on the platform at the same time as you. This feature is an extension to the green icon visible in your chatbox against the people you frequently chat with in case they're online. Instagram had previously even permitted user information to be available like when was the last time they would be online. Fortunately, this feature is controllable and users could opt for their privacy to be secure and covert.

What is Active Together on Instagram?

As per Alessandro Paluzzi, the Active Together feature lets you know if your follower is active at the same time as you through a notification. This feature can be accessed quite simply with a switch in the button. Users who are more privacy-focused can toggle between on and off as well. In case you choose to switch off this feature, keep in mind that the feature works two ways, which means that you won't be able to see your followers' activity as well.

To access this feature, all you need to do is go to Instagram settings, click on Privacy and push through Activity Status. When this feature starts functioning, an option that says “Show When You’re Together”.will appear in the pool. Netizens have been more demanding of privacy on social media these days. As a result, it is unclear as to how users will respond to this feature although it does seem like it will be appreciated in the long run. Many people like knowing when their friends are available for them to talk to and it isn't really an attack on privacy either.

Instagram recently also incorporated the Instagram Insights feature for Reels. As we all know, Instagram Business account users can get detailed information on how their audience is interacting with the posts. The Instagram Insights feature is a boon to many content creators as they can understand how a post is performing and what doesn't work. Through the latest update, the Facebook-owned app is also introducing detailed information on Reach for Reels. The Instagram Insights feature for Reels will display metrics such as accounts reached, plays, likes, comments, saves, shares and more whereas the metrics for Live will provide details about Accounts Reached, Peak Concurrent Viewers, Comments, and Shares.


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