IPL 2019: Not Only Players, But You Could Also Apparently Earn During The T20 Season Through Zomato, Earnings Totaling Rs 8 Crore


The Zomato Premier League is said to have resulted in peopel saving as much as Rs 8 crores. Now, this is a really good amount of money to save.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:
Image Credit: PTI

If you remember the old English saying “A Rupee Saved Is A Rupee Earned”, then how about associating this with popular food ordering app Zomato’s recent claim of people saving over Rupees eight crores? Going by this saying, it should be eight crores earned by the people - numbering four million, over a three week period. This is potentially due to the Zomato Premier League being currently active.

For starters, Zomato Premier League is an initiative aimed at making full utilization of the current Indian Premier League (IPL), where there are more than 50,000 custom restaurants that take your food orders through the Zomato app. Ordering from these restaurants would get you a 40% discount, and if you correctly predict the result of the current IPL match, then there is an additional 30% cashback which you could reportedly use.

The Zomato Premier League goes on till the end of the current season of the IPL. In this regard, have you played the Zomato Premier League and won (err saved) money thus translating into potentially earning via the IPL route, hence we say that it is not only the IPL players who make money from IPL, it is also you; albeit indirectly. This Zomato Premier League, the amount of money saved has reportedly amounted to Rs 8 crores. 

Meanwhile, check out below certain hilarious reactions from Twitterati, on the prediction of IPL match results through the Zomato Premier League contest with the Zomato app:





Here, you should remember that not too long ago, zomato executives lined up outside Hyderabad’s famous Bawarchi restaurant (popular for Hyderabadi biryani) like how ants do upon detecting sugar. This trend was a result of the demand for Hyderabadi biryani (the restaurant reportedly gets nearly 2000 delivery orders in a day for biryani). Check out this image again, below:


Image credit: Zomato

Finally, Zomato’s highest frequency of delivering orders comes from a Karnataka town called Manipal, and not metros. The food ordering app’s executives also recently demonstrated their adventurous side by crossing the Brahmaputra river (in a boat) to deliver orders.

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