Kaspersky Android App Testing Tool Now Available For Mobile Developers


Cybersecurity company Kaspersky has opened public access to its Android Automated Testing Framework for mobile developers. Here is everything you need to know.

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Cybersecurity company Kaspersky has opened public access to its Android Automated Testing Framework for mobile developers. The tool called Kaspresso claims to reduce the amount of time required for application testing to a significant extent. This could result in speeding up the application release process.

"We decided to make the Kaspresso framework publicly available as the creation of a framework for autotests requires a lot of effort and resources," said  Victor Yablokov, Head of Mobile Products Development at Kaspersky.

"Furthermore, self-testing tools for Android simplify mobile developers’ lives," he said.

Kaspresso aims to solve the problems that Android developers face. For example, concerns around readability, flakiness, logging, and architecture of UI-tests. These days, there are many other frameworks and tools available for conducting automated tests.

For example, there are tools such as Espresso and Appium available for mobile developers. But Kaspersky argues that it is challenging for mobile developers to choose an appropriate automating testing tool that reduces lead time for an application’s release.

"We tried to combine the best resources and practices into one tool and put our own best practices and experience into it," Yablokov said.

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"We hope that with the help of Kaspresso, mobile developers will create better and more reliable Android applications," he added.

The tool Kaspresso was introduced to overcome issues faced by developers that prevent them from writing clean, stable, maintainable, and understandable UI-tests. It is based on two libraries for creating automated Android tests - Espresso and Kakao.

Kaspresso also claims to improve the readability of UI-tests that brings test descriptions to a new level and makes them more understandable, courtesy of the inclusion of the Kakao library, serving as DSL wrapper over Espresso.

Kaspresso can also solve the problem with flaky tests and logging. Flaky tests are cases in which the test result is unpredictable, and has different reasoning behind each failure, despite the functionality working without malfunctions on the developer’s device.

In related news, a significant number of computers storing and processing biometric data face at least one malware attack attempt, the Kaspersky study showed.

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