Looking To Up Your Game On Posting Relevant, Interesting And Witty WhatsApp Status? This Is How You Find And Post One!


Wondering how to find interesting and witty WhatsApp status to post? This is how you can do it. we have come across just the right app by the name of ‘Helo’ that lets users discover interesting and witty pictures and videos to reshare as WhatsApp status.

Written By Tanmay Patange | Mumbai | Updated On:

Ever since WhatsApp announced WhatsApp status feature to let users post content (including text, pictures and videos) that disappears after 24 hours, we have seen its popularity grow exponentially over the last one year or so. In fact, many users we know have even stopped updating their traditional WhatsApp status. WhatsApp is neither first nor the last platform to offer this kind of feature. This feature was first made popular by Snapchat.

Facebook took on the trend right after and implemented it on many of its apps such as Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. The reason lies within the core foundation of how the social media concept has evolved over the last few years. It instantly lets you be a part of a bigger trend, voice your opinion on the most relevant topic at the moment or simply give a tad bit more snazz to your personal status. While this is yet another way of getting users to stay hooked to their social media channels, it can be fun for the users too.

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People don’t seem to bother much when it comes to posting WhatsApp status. For example, we have seen an interesting pattern where they can post anything in general. For example, people tend to share pictures and videos related to trending topics, festival greetings, random one-liners and much more as WhatsApp status than Instagram stories. That also kind of explains the reason why more people are searching for pictures and videos they can share across with their contacts in the form of WhatsApp status.

So here's the deal, we have come across just the right app by the name of ‘Helo’ that lets users discover interesting and witty pictures and videos to reshare as WhatsApp status. And kid you not, It’s among the top 5 free Android apps on the Play Store right now. We take a look at how you can discover WhatsApp status to post across a wide range of topics using Helo app.

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Step 1: Android users can go to the Google Play Store and search for the app ‘Helo’
Step 2: Once located, all you need to do is download and install the app on your smartphone
Step 3: Once you install ‘Helo,’ it will prompt you to select the language
Step 4: Tap the magnifying glass icon at the bottom
Step 5: You can search for posts using keywords or you can select from the list of topics that people are discussing on the platform
Step 6: Below the post, you can find an option to share the post with your WhatsApp contacts
Step 7: You can choose whether you want to share the post with an individual contact or as a WhatsApp status

When navigating through the app, you will discover a lot of categories and topics to choose from. These are mainly catered for Indian audience. For example, you can find posts falling under different topics and categories such as trending, assembly election, love and breakup, breaking news, Cricket and sports, entertainment, lifestyle and much more. On the main screen itself, you will also come across all the trending topics that most users are talking about.

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